Long Island Cool #caftans #summer #style

Long Island Cool #caftans #summer #style

Brown tunic

Short top

Boho top

Long top

IPANEMA strap sandals

Dorothy Perkins blue sandals
$23 –

Sensi Studio beach tote bag
$215 –

Tom Ford sunglasses
$255 –

Summer hat
$13 –

Smith Cult lip gloss makeup
$23 –

Tom Ford eyeshadow

Australian Gold sun care
$18 –

Jacquard beach towel
$65 –


8 Perfect Bathtime Beauty Sets

8 Perfect Bathtime Beauty Sets

Millefiori gift sets kit
$125 –

Gift sets kit

Illume gift sets kit

Happ Stahns gift sets kit

Gift sets kit

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Fragrance Roundup! Mother’s Day, or just refreshing for the naked season-, I got you.

I LOVE fragrance, and luckily over the past year, I’ve been able to collect tons of scents. fragrance5

Um, yeah- this is my little collection. Including my Lisa Hoffman Beauty fragrance beads, which can double as potpourri. fragrance6

I even keep the boxes, which are often as lovely as the perfumes they contain. I rounded up some fragrances that struck me as really special, either as scent wardrobe updates or Mother’s Day Gifts.


1. fiori by Vince Camuto ($78), a floral scent that is Spring in a bottle. 2. Joy Forever by Jean Patou ($130) is a rich, sophisticated Parisian bouquet from a legendary perfumer. Tommy Bahama’s Island Life for her ($60) evokes the rich layers of a summer afternoon. 3. Poppy Wildflower by Coach ($68) has a spicy sweetness guaranteed to endear.


1. bella by Vince Camuto ($78), sweeter than fiori- a hauntingly romantic scent featuring nectarine blossoms and jasmine water. 2. CLEAN perfumes Warm Cotton rollerball ($20)- yes, you will smell like warm, clean laundry.But nicely folded, expensive laundry. Think about this. 3. Kat Burki’s Tuberose  ($115) perfume and body creme ($62) are the ultimate in scent layering luxury.  The Lilac & Rosemary eau de toilette ($48) from the Private Collection is an ephemeral fragrance that sits lightly on the skin.fragrance3

C’mon- it’s DAISY ($76) the fresh and original classic that is a perennial favorite. It’s beautiful, clean bottle with white plastic daisies adorning a goldtone cap is a joy to look at. I’ve loved this since it debuted (daisies are the official flower of Aries).

Get Clean:


I just got this and actually just used it today- but me and Hot Mess go back to the Holiday Gift Guide when REpurposing NOLA founder Traci Claussen sent over the Hot Mess gift set, consisting fruity scented hand soap and body lotion. This particular treat is a Hot Mess Signature Loofah Soap ($7.95)- and is it amazing. The loofah is set just far enough into the soap that you can use the smooth end for lathering, then turn it over for the scrub of your life. You’re left with sweetly scented and glowing skin.

 Home:fragrance7Back to the CLEAN Perfume company for an entire range of good smelling products for your Mom or just keep them for yourself. 1. The Warm Cotton Room and Linen Spray ($34) is an upgrade from that nasty chemical stuff you get at the grocery store. use it to freshen up after a bathroom run, or spray linens before climbing into bed. 2. This CLEAN Warm Cotton Candle ($40) has your home smelling fresh in moments with a blend of verbena, orange flower and amber. It really works. Your apartment will smell like you never cooked anything. 3. I’ve never tried reed diffusers, but since every other product was so great, I can confidently reccomend this set. You get a bottle CLEAN Home Fragrance in Warm Cotton, plus the reeds for $42 and it will keep your environment scented for up to 90 days.

Next up: Met Gala 2015 fashion and beauty breakdown!

xoxo, Faith/Sassy Ethnic Bohemian

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in which we get many, many, many deliveries… and LOVE it

Oh the joys of a new season! It’s the time that the emails start flying for roundups, personal style posts, photoshoots… It’s the time when I spend all day in the window looking out for UPS and Fedex. It’s spring!!! Let’s look at what the delivery man dropped off!


beauty instawave instr beauty yardley

I recently received an InstaWave curling iron- which I’ll be using for an upcoming Spring Style photoshoot (shhh! top secret!). It helps you create those long, beachy waves without fuss and stress. I love love love soap, so a shipment of Yardley Artisan Soap (in oat milk & honey and lavender & rosemary scents) was a welcome addition to the bath beauty drawer. Coincidentally, the soap came with the Instrumental Beauty Home Spa Treatment System, which we’ve already reviewed (thumbs up!).

beauty completely bare

I went to the Completey Bare Market around Valentine’s Day and got curious about home hair removal. there’s a product review coming up but I can tell you now: start saving your money and wax at home. It’s not that hard.


makeup kavd mfe

More makeup that I could ever use? Not so much! Spring and Summer demand new looks and I was lucky enough to hook up with Makeup Forever to update my makeup bag. And believe me, we’ll be talking about EVERYTHING over the next two seasons.

I do want to mention some things right now, like the Equalizer Primers for skin probs and radiance- I got the smoothing and hydrating primers and they are wonderful. Also? The super bright new Aquamatic Irridescent Blue waterproof eyeshadow pencil– you need this. The New York Times T Magazine has a video tutorial on how to work bold eyeliner:

Skin Deep: Bold Liners

and recently Anna Camp went to the MTV Awards with a bold eye look created by Melanie Inglessis with Makeup Forever products. her inspiration? “I wanted to create a makeup look that would match Anna’s vibrant and fun dress, while giving a nod to the 60s with a modern twist.”

You also went to get in on the Kat von D perfect matte lipstick, Underage Red, ironically priced at $21(it’s legal!). Just saying it adds a little frisson of controversy to the day!


fragrance fiori bella poppy wildflower

When you wish for fragrance and it comes dancing to the door… I’m working on a spring fragrance roundup and managed to have these sent over: fiori and bella from Vince Camuto, Poppy Wildflower from Coach and Be Delicious from DKNY. Mmmm, can you smell your fragrance future?

home clean perfume

I won’t even open these Clean Perfume products in Warm Cotton (reed diffuser, room spray, and candle) until my home decorating project is done. But I HAVE opened the perfume rollerball, and it’s lovely. It smells clean, fresh, and sort of comforting.


home southern tide

When I met Southern Tide president Allen Stephenson at a press preview last month, I thought it he was just selling clothes. Then? I found out that old boy was selling EVERYTHING.  Southern Tide is a lifestyle brand, the best one that you may not have heard of. Everything that they sent was made right here in the US- shopped from Greenville, SC.

I admit to getting out of hand- but a woman with a home decorating project has to be ruthless. I just opened the Performance Towel set for my bathroom springcleaning refresh- and out came soft terrycloth towels- and handtowels and washcloths. Behold the Towel Tower!

clothing southerntide

Don’t worry- we’ll be talking about the clothes pretty soon. In fact? You can see how the women’s Summer Cardigan works with animal print in this Lucky Shops Community post. So cute.

clothing ll bean

In keeping with my American Brand fetish- I snagged some choice pieces from LL Bean Signature (also featured in the latest Lucky post). I felt like the Signature Check Chambray was a real must have. The navy and red striped poplin fit and flare dress? Do I even have to say anything?

clothing amiclubwear accessories amiclubwear

Remember this romper from my Pastels Lucky post? It came all rolled up in a box with this faux leather lock tote and crazy coral and gold booties. Fancy is not the word, darling! I could put on all three on a summer day and prance.


accessories tommy bahama lucky

Loved when this mint green infinity scarf showed up as my Lucky magazine subscription gift. Look how it matches this Tommy Bahama beach towel? Sigh… The beach is in my future, y’all!

accessories ume drive bracelets

I have told you and told you about the Ume Drive bracelets from the time that I met CEO Clem Harrigan at a fashion event. They were sweet enough to send over two more- and I have to be honest: I was going to do a giveaway, but I would rather keep them Go to and get your own. And get a lot, because you’ll be color coding your data to which USB bracelet you’re wearing that day.

accessories sjr rpnola cat

My birthday came and so did these most awesome prezzies. This sweet, delicate zodiac sign necklace is from one of my faves, Shop Jacqueline Rose (a fellow Aries) and it is my new everyday necklace. After sending me Christmas stockings and Hot Mess skincare products, Traci Claussen of REpurposing NOLA hauled off and MADE me a bag. Yep- just for me. I LOVE her.

Cat Footwear came through ON my birthday with these hot hot Squander boots, and they instantly became my new combat boot. I’ll be running these all spring and summer.

Ok- we’re all caught up – at least on deliveries. I have felt so guilty about not posting about these!!! There are lots of fun posts in the works, so you will be seeing and learning more about this stuff, so stay tuned.

Next Up: Etienne Aigner aw2015 review

xoxo, Faith/Sassy Ethnic Bohemian

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in which i return to Lucky via Lucky Shop campaign prompts

So back in February Lucky Community closed up shop, wiping everyone’s content to make way for a new concept and a new way of working. Now? We have Lucky Shops and all contributors can post to campaigns where you style with a central theme/idea in mind.

The first one that I participated in was Leather jackets for Spring and I almost didn’t make it. By the time I got my post together it was the last day of the deadline and I had three places to go so I posted something really quick and kept it moving. Needless to say my typos were horrendous and I forgot to hyperlink the items in my post. Bad blogger!!!

2015-03-07 19.05.26

This is my Leather & Whimsy post from March 11th. The idea was- how would you style with a leather jacket for ss2015? I decided to go with Durango Leather since I had just interlaced with them on Stylecaster’s #stylechat twitter event. I decided I wanted to do quirky/cute:

1. Leather motorcycle jacket with studded lapels: Durango Leather Company woman’s Demi Monde jacket, $360.99

2. Navy and red striped fit and flair dress with front pockets, LL Bean Signature poplin dress, $119

3. Sparkly statement necklace/headband, Chloe + Isabel Crystal Strand Statement Headband, $58

4. Convertible clutch/crossbody Shop Jacqueline Rose, Au Naturale clutch for Vitality, $45

5. Gold oxfords! Ami Clubwear gold lace tie-up oxfords, $6.49

This week they posted a prompt for Lucky contributors to play with pastels. I posted a collage called Pump Up Pastels With White & Brights, but Ill post the individual pics here on my blog. Ready? here we go!


Easy way to sneak in those pastels? Wear them on lips & nails!


2. Lips:
Accessories are a great way to spruce up without spending a ton. In fact? That hat was 1.99 and the scarf was actually free!
3. Accessories:
Straw hat with grosgrain ribbon band came from the discount store
Mint green infinity scarf, Lucky Mag subscription gift (thanks, guys!)
lucky fragrance
The best way to get pastels in your wardrobe? Pink perfume!
4. Fragrance:
Yes, it is OFFICIALLY tie to get those white shoes out. Since a pastel is basically a hue mixed with white to create a tint, white is always the best choice to go with them to avoid a matchy-matchy look.
5. Shoes:
White patent leather single sole sandal with silver and black leather straps by Etienne Aigner 
I am saving this romper to unleash when it gets hot. I loved the bold fuchsia color and boho print? And for out purposes here, the pastel pink and green/blue that can be picked out with accessories. I would add a mint green blazer or denim jacket or cardigan if the weather was chilly. I think that mint green creates a fun contrast to the fuchsia it’s kind of like using red/green- they complement each other, and just keep pink to nails and lips.
Throwing a white sleeveless structured top gives you a layer that you can remove if the day heats up.
6. Outfit:
Sleeveless crepe high-low top by Etienne Aigner
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in which i go through the #Snowmageddon experience and find a snowday uniform

So last Monday it kinda snowed. yes, I’m back on this topic, I felt that we didn’t explore it enough. snowmageddon a1

I woke up thinking it was going to be a little tiny snowfall , so I got up and gave myself an Origins Clear Improvement charcoal mask ($25). I mean, it was gonna be a snow day? So why not.


Then I found out that it was considered a major snowstorm, because the management at my building slipped a warning and a Red Cross emergency checklist under the door before they ran home. I then realized that what I was so blissfully looking at was a…



So, I decide to go outside, because I am that type of person. I have had a bag of extra stuff sitting on the floor all January- so of course a blizzard is the right time to get rid of that. That does not include this awesome faux snakeskin hobo from Kensie Clothing, which holds all my stuff comfortably and has an adjustable chainlink strap. Score!


I took my stuff over to Beacons Closet to see if I had anything valuable. What they didn’t take I donated to charity right there in the store. To be honest, if you don’t have a lot of money but need to keep up that personal style, head over to this place. I saw brand new coats for about $25.00. They were really nice, too. If I did coats, I would have totally gotten one.


When I left, the snow was still softly floating down… I ran onto the subway and plugged into the Samsung Galaxy S5 Active phone (in classy camo, thank you very much). The sound through the headphones is so rich that it literally blocks out all noise. No screechy subway, no goofy conversations, just multi-levels of great music. So I went home and turned up my phone and had a good time dancing to Die Antwoord while it just kept snowing.

snowmageddon b2

The next day I got up and made myself a Beef & Broccoli. It tasted just like takeout- except I made it. It was super easy- one thing to remember? You will need a little cornstarch to thicken up that sauce. Otherwise you just have beef, broccoli and salty brown water in the pan.


The next day I felt like I just had to get rid of the cans and bottles that I’ve been collecting since last month. The place where you redeem them is about 10 blocks away, but I felt like I needed fresh air and exercise, work off that beef and broccoli. I washed my face and moisturized with the Eslor collagen firming day cream ($24). Then, I put on a little eyeshadow and mascara and warmed up my cheeks with Tata Harper’s Volumnizing Cheek & Lip Tint in Very Naughty ($35). Since I was going that far, I sprayed on some Amazon Lilly perfume ($68) from my bottomless bag of perfume samples that I got at Sniffapalooza last Spring.

Yes. Just to go and recycle cans and bottles. meanwhile, when it’s nice outside I lay in bed and read books. Go figure.


1. This is more of my snow week food. I wanted a sweet snack, so I made granola with chopped candied ginger, golden raisins, raisins, dried cranberries, and sunflower seeds. In addition to eating it as a snack, I used it as cereal.

2. After walking down to the supermarket with all those cans and bottles (and then giving them to a homeless man that needed the change way more than I did) I was hungry, so I made myself  a lumberjack breakfast with fried potatoes (I had baked some potatoes and put them in the fridge for just in case) with sweet red pepper and scallions, half a pork chop and a scrambled egg. Yes- I made diner food at home, because I love diner food. Also, this kept me from eating a huge diner style plate of food and I could monitor the sodium and grease level.

3. Then I made some chicken split pea soup and made a pan of cornbread the next day. I’ve been eating one main meal a day and I wanted to feel warm and full without getting blimped up. I went seven days without bread and this day (last Wednesday) was the day that I could eat some again. Instead of butter I used olive oil and a little balsamic vinegar for flavor.


Now we get to the ‘personal style’ part of this blog. Um, it was cold and I wore the same thing all week. Yes. I did. I’m owning that.

snowmageddon c3

My uniform was LL Bean Trueshape Denim jeans ($59) and Freeport field jacket ($59.99) and a rotating array of Kensie sweaters- and their amazing, warm, fluffy, keep me toasty red wool cardigan. Oh, and hats, and my long Harry Potter style scarf.


Saturday, I was supposed to go see Style Society Guy to interview him for my New York Fashion Blogger Project so I upgraded my uniform a little by swapping in this delicious polka dot long sleeved jersey by Eric + Lani and this adorbs black and white doctor bag from Kensie. I still ended up getting stuck at 14th Street because the train to his neighborhood wasn’t running– but I tried.

Winter Must Haves (to make you happy and warm):

winterwishlist1. 1. I love this beanie. I bought it in the street, but some guy told me you could get them on Amazon.

2. I have pretty much everything, but if I could have some more stuff to add to my uniform I’d pick this LL Bean heritage 1912 cardigan ($149) and their  their red Two-layer Union Suit ($59). I’d definitely cop one of these Cherry Blossom necklaces from Tova Luna ($95) because I love the colors and that gorgeous crystal.

These grey Cove sweatpants ($68) and ombre Snowy Fox cardigan from Canadian company Roots are right up my alley.  I have pretty much the perfect boots for this weather (my boots from LL Bean and my Corinnes from Cat Footwear) but if I were in the market for cute and winter ready- I’d get these Orant boots from Vince Camuto ($199) or these chestnut suede Volta boots from Ugg ($175).

3. Ok, so I’m tooting my own horn here. I just created this graphic illustration for Valentine’s Day and I think my Heart duvet cover from Society 6 ($89-$99) the perfect thing to snuggle under.

So that’s how my Juno/Snowmageddon 2015 week went. It was snowing when I got up this morning, but since NYFW is coming soon, and my event at Intimacy?

Next up will be Diet and Exercise Resolution progress!

xoxo, Faith/Sassy Ethnic Bohemian

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the ‘zombiefoot’ summer sandal season makeover (ugly foot photos, you have been warned!)


So, when I lived in Chicago I had a routine- get paid, get my nails done at Nail Bar. This was like a religious ritual. I went to the one at 537 Diversey. I didn’t have much else, but I had fat, pampered little feet. I lived for cheap sandals (Forever 21 was my jam back then!)

Since then, I moved to New York and at first I was going to Bliss Spa at the W hotel on 49th Street? But my finances changed and I let that go. i let my pampered little tootsies deflate and treated them like two strangers. Sad.


This January I had had enough. Polar Vortex or no- my feet needed attention and fast. When you let your feet go, you’re saying ‘goodbye cruel world, I have nothing to live for!’ I had to get it together. I started out with the big guns- salicylic acid drops from Target, and those corn plasters from Dr. Scholl’s. These socks from Jack’s 99 World were my best friends, covering all the ugliness with bright colors and patterns. .


It gets worse before it gets better, obviously. This is what my feet looked like- just nasty. Like something from The Walking Dead. At first you despair thinking, my whole foot is peeling away, my toes will be scarred for life! No one will love me! But get a grip, because it’s not that serious.


See? better, right? And I kept the rest of my foot buffed and scraped, and at first used Vaseline to keep them from being dry and cracked. This is how I got through the winter. It took about 4 weeks? But I had these at the end. Not bad.


I fine-tuned my feet with the Tweezerman Studio Collection’s Sole Mates duo. One side is a file, the other is a smoother. This salicylic ointment from Origins (Reinventing the Heel) has peppermint oil and works like a dream on feet and hands to slough off dead skin. The effect is nearly instantaneous. The Tweezerman Pushy Cuticle Pusher and Nail Cleaner is a pro quality tool for home use. Makes you feel all serious and professional in the tub while doing your nails.


I got these Rescue Beauty Lounge terrycloth flip-flops at my favorite thrift store for $1, luckily. They were exactly what I needed to get in the mood to polish my toenails, and they cushion my feet like sneakers. I used Illamasqua’s Shattered Star nail varnish in Fire Rose and Marquise- because one coat and you look like you’re done. Two coats deepens the color. I love the matte, textured effect and the glitter isn’t garish. It gleams subtly, like Dorothy’s ruby slippers.


The finishing touch? Grown-up and chic sandals! I love the Weavement style from Cat Footwear, which is right on the gladiator trend. They make your feet look skinny and sexy. Real leather, ladies- and the guys love them. Check out Vince Camuto’s heeled Odetta version! I’m also wearing the Zosia sandal, which offers more coverage, has style, and is also super comfortable. You can walk miles in them and the soft, supple leather works with slacks or dresses. Payless is also a great place to find up to date styles, like these studded ones.

It’s too late to hide now, people. It’s time to get those tootsies cleaned up and ready for presentation! You can do it, and you’ll feel so much better afterwards.