9 Pairs of Awesome Leather Gloves to Shovel Snow In

9 Pairs of Awesome Leather Gloves to Shovel Snow In

Thomasine lined glove
$325 –

Valentino leather glove
$390 –

GALA red glove

Navy blue glove
$100 –

Leather glove
$79 –

Leather glove
$73 –

ASOS leather glove
$33 –

Lord Taylor leather glove

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Newsbreak: Things I missed- #KiplingMakeHappy, Tata Harper and Nina Garcia at Lord & Taylor…

Sometimes the best events are the ones you missed…

Nina Garcia at Lord & Taylor:


So, I find out that Marie Claire creative director and  Project Runway star Nina Garcia is gonna be at Lord & Taylor on a day that I’m going to be in the city. I run on eventbrite and get my ticket. I never go. I heard it was awesome. They talked about shoes.

Tata Harper debuts Spring products:

IMG_20150410_033407 IMG_20150410_033528

I missed the Nina Garcia event because I saw these photos on twitter. I work with the pr company that reps Tata Harper, and they were tweeting from the launch of her spring 2015 products. I just froze. It was a nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!!!!! moment. The little cocktails with the peapod garnish finished me. I just went home.

Screenshot_2015-04-10-15-58-49 Screenshot_2015-04-17-10-04-05

I know it’s dumb to be jealous? But I really love those products and I was like, why? why? why? So I wrote to my pr contact and was like why? why? why? Anyway. Tata Harper has new products for the spring.

Kipling Make Happy: 

Kipling Make Happy
Photo by Patrick Macleod

Earlier THAT VERY SAME DAY! Backpack brand Kipling (you know, with those cute monkey keychains?) had an event that I had rsvp’d to late for. Obviously that is not stopping me from talking about it.

MisterWives Make Happy Truck 1
Photo by Patrick Macleod

Indie band Mister Wives helped the company to promote the #KIPLINGMAKEHAPPY campaign, which seemed to revolve around just giving people free treats. That’s my kind of campaign!

KiplingMakeHappy Truck
Photo by Patrick Macleod

Kipling drove all over New York in this pink truck creating ‘playful acts of generosity’ which Julie Dimperio (the president of their Kipling North America) explains that ‘Kipling‘s mission is to make happy, and for our customers that means our colorful and whimsical products’.


Like these adorable and happy making sneakers…

#KiplingMakeHappy Launch with MISTERWIVES
#KiplingMakeHappy Launch with MISTERWIVES photo by Paul Porter BFA

A select group were invited to a glittery performance by Mister Wives. Refreshments were served. Since we weren’t there, here’s a Mister Wives video to sustain us all:

xoxo, Faith/Sassy Ethnic Bohemian

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going to the Coeur tradeshow in rabbitfur disco jacket

Spring is here, but I have a tiny bit of catching up to do.

I got to attend my first tradeshows this season, and in honor of graduating from desultory blogger to fashion journalista, I decided to max out by wearing a brown furry rabbit jacket that I got at the Underground Thrift Store in Brooklyn. I’m not for or against fur- so please don’t get all upset. I love this jacket. It was made in Paris and when I tried it on I felt like a disco era rockstar, like Grace Jones (but shorter and from Queens).


I bought a pair of massive sunglasses on Fulton Street  for $7, and added a paisley $5 scarf (you can get these all over NY- in Soho, Mid-Town, Brooklyn…wherever guys are out in the street wit tables). A beanie was the hairstyle. It was all about being too glam to be glam.


I worked in some bangles, my orange Cynthia Rowley slim cut pants, and some outrageous socks from Jacks99World (all the socks are $1, so you can really go to town and then grab some snacks for the ride home). I kept it sensible with my black lace up oxfords and Adorama totebag.


It was one of those crispy cold days with perfect sunlight that makes you remember every detail. I passed Lord & Taylor ( I love their windows) and heir predictions for a pretty spring. I passed Parsons (I studied photo there back in the day) and then saw my dream chair (more florals!) at Prudence.

piafmuji1 piafmuji2 piafmuji3

I made a little pit stop at MUJI for highlighters. I love MUJI. It’s the best. I love the pens, highlighters, stationery, and plastic furniture. I once got a 3 tier organizer for $25 there.

alieninacoeur coeur1

When I finally got to Coeur Tradeshow (It was way down on 10th Ave, I started at the top and circled around looking at everything. It’s not as big as Coterie or Designers and Agents, but there is a lot and I wanted to be sure to pick things that I really liked to write about. I saw some amazing jewelry made from metal and recycled materials at Alienina (they’re from Italy and have worked with Comme des Garcons) and I got a perfume demo from Anthony Robinson of beauty brand marketer KVDNYC

It was a great first experience, but it’s one of those things where you have to be serious about finding new trends and writing about them. The events are geared more towards wholesalers, and buyers for stores and boutiques, not just randomly blogging.

You can read my story “The Coeur Tradeshow Presents a Curated Vision to Fashion Insiders‘ featuring more  brands on