15 Supercute Fall Sweaters #fashion

15 Supercute all Sweaters #fashion


Gucci long sleeve jumper
$735 –

Marques Almeida jumper top
$535 –

STELLA McCARTNEY long sleeve turtleneck
$665 –

Snobby Sheep long sleeve v neck top
$375 –

Jacquemus turtle neck jumper
$310 –

Joie ombre sweater
$175 –

Topshop funnel neck sweater
$180 –

Paisie navy blue jumper
$100 –

Ribbed sweater
$140 –

Mustard sweater

Uniqlo boatneck sweater
$24 –


Warming Up a Cold Shoulder for Spring #RebeccaMinkoffSS2016

Warming Up a Cold Shoulder for Spring #RebeccaMinkoffSS2016

Flat shoes
$71 –

Converse shoes
$65 –

J.Crew flat shoes
$165 –

Vera bradley bag

Michael Kors crystal earrings
$105 –

Christina Debs rose gold jewelry
$10,350 –


Warming Up a Cold Shoulder for Spring #RebeccaMinkoffSS2016

Warming Up a Cold Shoulder for Spring #RebeccaMinkoffSS2016

Ballerina flat
$145 –

Converse trainers
$64 –

J.Crew ballet flat shoes
$180 –

Vera Bradley backpack

Givenchy purse

Michael Kors metal jewelry
$98 –

Christina Debs rose gold diamond earrings
$10,175 –


Dreamworthy Pajamas, Nightgowns, and 1 Great Duvet Cover

Dreamworthy Pajamas, Nightgowns, and 1 Great Duvet Cover

Grey bedding

Sleepy Jones flannel pajamas
$160 –

Bed Head by TIGI leopard pajamas
$105 –

J Crew cotton pajamas
$105 –

Natori nightgown

Josie purple pajamas
$93 –

Free People pajamas

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in which i go to the Trollbeads and X by Trollbeads press preview

Yes! So fun! I got to go see what Trollbeads and the edgier line X by Trollbeads is showing off for the holidays. I was dying to see the Trollbeads jewelry up close. I’ve been a fan since this summer, so I was pretty geeked to be invited.


As usual, I was running late. I just can’t seem to heave myself out bed fast enough these days. I ransacked through drawers and closets before coming up with my usual layers. This time I was slacker substitute teacher. Ok, I know it’s weird to make up characters when you get dressed, but I’ve done that forever. It keeps me entertained.

I wore my LL Bean freeport field jacket, a $10 cardigan from Marshall’s, Ann Taylor button down, and a Modcloth tshirt. I finally managed to lose just enough weight to be able to zip up my tweed J. Crew pencil skirt, and I wrapped my LL Bean Signature 3/4 leather belt in Guide Gold around my waist for a little color. The Irenea booties are from Cat Footwear, great for running to the subway. I look all shiny because I’m sweating. Always a great look.


When I got there, the first thing I looked at was the Trollbeads instaprint wall. Real photos from customers and their own Trollbeads styles. The brand started in Denmark in 1976, and their add-a-bead system has inspired knockoffs around the world. Trollbeads jewelry is made from 18-carat gold, sterling silver, Italian glass, freshwater pearls, and precious stones, and is created from a blend of traditional and modern techniques, and they have a rabid following.


The beautiful layout was like a museum exhibit. I was bowled over by the variety of ways that customers can express themselves with Trollbeads jewelry system. The colors for spring are soft hues that remind you of a garden- grass green, sky blue, and daffodil yellow. Dyed leather can be knoted to create one-of-a-kind wristlets, or you can pile on the charmes and beads to create statement necklaces. You can go crazy, or just keep it elegant and simple with say, pearls on a gold bangle. The Holidays Colection  revolves around teh traditional winter colors- icy pearls, dark blue lapis lazuli, and vibrant holly red.


If you’re into edgier things, like leather fit and flare dresses and ripped mohair sweaters? You might want to try shopping X by Trollbeads. It differentiates itself by offering rubber coated links in blacks and reds, chains, and the charms and beads are edgier. A basic bracelet could be rubber and silver, for example, with charms shaped like guitars or Chinese  Zodiac symbols. Asian cord in red, pink, green, and black can be turned into to hot festival-ready necklaces with handcarved silver charms. The Holiday Collection is all chunky chains and charms that let your love shine.


At the end of my tour (oh, why did it have to end!) I actually got to design my own Trollbeads bracelet. Yes. This happened in my own life- I was there. So here’s how this goes: 1. pick bracelet 2. pick lock (the clasp that holds it together) 3. pick beads 4. wrap around your wrist and close lock. Done. Pack into small silk pouch, place in black and white box, drop in bag.

I think it looked great with my Brazilian Begonia Lisa Hoffman fragrance bracelet and Green Oasis ShopbyJacquelineRose one. I chose a stormy glass bead that reflected my manicure that day; Probelle polish in pearly champagne Richness and Vivid Night as my accent color.trollbeds6

On the way out, lovely tea sandwiches and petite deviled eggs with sesame and poppy seed flat breads was offered as a restorative snack. So yummy! We all got little bottles of Trollbeads water (to keep you sparkly inside) and a lovely box of treats to fortify oneslef while tweeting.

I love blogging.

Like Trollbeads on facebook for regular updates, new beads, and fan photos!

Next up: #NanetteforOrigins launch party (in which we meet the designer)


xoxo, Faith/Sassy Ethnic Bohemian