Fall Into Cooking #kitchen #home

Fall Into Cooking  #kitchen #home


Succulent Cactus Home

Succulent Cactus Home


Little Place on the Prairie #home

Little Place on the Prairie #home


Gray rug
$49 –

Wooden chair

Modern end table

*Rectangular pillows designed by Sassy Ethnic Bohemian 
1. Glacier 3, $35
2. Love (deer), $35
3. Autumn Field, $35

Dreamworthy Pajamas, Nightgowns, and 1 Great Duvet Cover

Dreamworthy Pajamas, Nightgowns, and 1 Great Duvet Cover

Grey bedding

Sleepy Jones flannel pajamas
$160 –

Bed Head by TIGI leopard pajamas
$105 –

J Crew cotton pajamas
$105 –

Natori nightgown

Josie purple pajamas
$93 –

Free People pajamas

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Fragrance Roundup! Mother’s Day, or just refreshing for the naked season-, I got you.

I LOVE fragrance, and luckily over the past year, I’ve been able to collect tons of scents. fragrance5

Um, yeah- this is my little collection. Including my Lisa Hoffman Beauty fragrance beads, which can double as potpourri. fragrance6

I even keep the boxes, which are often as lovely as the perfumes they contain. I rounded up some fragrances that struck me as really special, either as scent wardrobe updates or Mother’s Day Gifts.


1. fiori by Vince Camuto ($78), a floral scent that is Spring in a bottle. 2. Joy Forever by Jean Patou ($130) is a rich, sophisticated Parisian bouquet from a legendary perfumer. Tommy Bahama’s Island Life for her ($60) evokes the rich layers of a summer afternoon. 3. Poppy Wildflower by Coach ($68) has a spicy sweetness guaranteed to endear.


1. bella by Vince Camuto ($78), sweeter than fiori- a hauntingly romantic scent featuring nectarine blossoms and jasmine water. 2. CLEAN perfumes Warm Cotton rollerball ($20)- yes, you will smell like warm, clean laundry.But nicely folded, expensive laundry. Think about this. 3. Kat Burki’s Tuberose  ($115) perfume and body creme ($62) are the ultimate in scent layering luxury.  The Lilac & Rosemary eau de toilette ($48) from the Private Collection is an ephemeral fragrance that sits lightly on the skin.fragrance3

C’mon- it’s DAISY ($76) the fresh and original classic that is a perennial favorite. It’s beautiful, clean bottle with white plastic daisies adorning a goldtone cap is a joy to look at. I’ve loved this since it debuted (daisies are the official flower of Aries).

Get Clean:


I just got this and actually just used it today- but me and Hot Mess go back to the Holiday Gift Guide when REpurposing NOLA founder Traci Claussen sent over the Hot Mess gift set, consisting fruity scented hand soap and body lotion. This particular treat is a Hot Mess Signature Loofah Soap ($7.95)- and is it amazing. The loofah is set just far enough into the soap that you can use the smooth end for lathering, then turn it over for the scrub of your life. You’re left with sweetly scented and glowing skin.

 Home:fragrance7Back to the CLEAN Perfume company for an entire range of good smelling products for your Mom or just keep them for yourself. 1. The Warm Cotton Room and Linen Spray ($34) is an upgrade from that nasty chemical stuff you get at the grocery store. use it to freshen up after a bathroom run, or spray linens before climbing into bed. 2. This CLEAN Warm Cotton Candle ($40) has your home smelling fresh in moments with a blend of verbena, orange flower and amber. It really works. Your apartment will smell like you never cooked anything. 3. I’ve never tried reed diffusers, but since every other product was so great, I can confidently reccomend this set. You get a bottle CLEAN Home Fragrance in Warm Cotton, plus the reeds for $42 and it will keep your environment scented for up to 90 days.

Next up: Met Gala 2015 fashion and beauty breakdown!

xoxo, Faith/Sassy Ethnic Bohemian

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Product Review: the Moonlight Pillow by ThumbsUp UK

As we all know, I have a magic email inbox. Sometimes it’s as dry as the Sahara Desert, and sometimes it’s full of prizes. You just never know. Recently I got an email about an item that my greedy little heart couldn’t resist; a plush pillow that lights up.

I am still working on my home decorating resolution, so this was extremely good timing. I replied immediately and I got the pillow this Saturday.


Introducing the Moonlight Pillow. I mean, how could anyone possibly resist this thing? It’s awesome!


Inside the box I found one pristine plush pillow (but not obnoxiously plush- it looks like faux fur) which contains a battery pack and lights that are controlled through this card sized remote control.


I ran into the bathroom (no windows) and was immediately gratified. It worked! The colors were strong and saturated, the lights changed, it was pretty incredible. It was all good…until.


I had some trouble with the remote control, which didn’t work at first. I kept trying, taking the battery out and putting it back in. Eventually I got the pillow to change colors with the remote and then the remote stopped working again. I left it alone for while and then came back to try again.

I found that you could tap the pillow to make it go on and off, so that was fun. Then I went back to messing with the remote control which was now only making the pillow blink.

I kept messing with it and then I broke the remote. I was bending it and it cracked. After that I just said ‘forget it’ and took the battery and lights out of the pillow. I was really sad about the whole thing.

I’d still recommend it, because it DID work when I got it and I may have messed up in using it. I’m just the type of person who would take it apart to see what’s in it. I figured if the lights didn’t work, why have a bulky pillow.

But now I have a new plush pillow. So that’s something.

xoxo, Faith/Sassy Ethnic Bohemian

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Weekly Photo Challenge: The Wall

I actually took these yesterday, thinking I would find a use for them and BAM! Weekly Photo Challenge asks for wall photos.

It was meant to be.



These two photos are of the only actual decorated wall space in my apartment. Over my crowded desk (which I found in the street one day, actually) is a random assortment of artwork, postcards, and photos. To be honest, it’s like the wall bleeds down to become one with the desk, which I never work on but look at constantly. It’s like a window into the outside parts of my life.

Now if I could only remember to decorate the rest of my apartment.

xoxo, Faith/Sassy Ethnic Bohemian