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Sassy Ethnic Bohemian’s Summer Must Haves (Part 1): Crochet is everything

Crochet is my favorite summer trend. It has that 60s, hippy thing but it’s also very sophisticated and sexy. It’s so Brigitte Bardot, St. Tropez, rich and glitzy- but in relatable way. Your grandmother could have made your bikini. Good crochet pieces make everyone think that they can do it, too.

Anna Kosturova is ruling crochet this summer. The brand has long and short dresses, crocheted bell bottoms, shorts, and swimsuits. These pieces play well with others, and work on and off the boardwalk. Here are some fun ways to work crochet pieces into your summer wardrobe.

1. Accessorize with Primadonna’s bright Crinkle Crush Infinity scarfGiverny painted floral straw hat, and Iconic aviator sunglassesArbonne Made in the Shade SPF 15 self-tanner helps protect you from the sun while burnishing your skin with a healthy glow. Cat Footwear’s Zosia sandal is a no-brainer comfy classic that goes with everything. Crochet pieces: Lattice Maillot monokiniAztec Stripe string bikini and the cropped Diamond pattern top from Anna Kosturova.

2. The floral pattern hat is back with a peach Crinkle Crush Infinity scarf and Felice square cut sunglasses from Primadonna. Desigual’s Colour fringed leather cross-body bag picks up on the colors in the hat, scarf, and retro styled Mika halter top and Miranda side gathered bottom from Wet Swimwear. Crochet piece: Manor shell from Anna Kosturova.

3. A funky edgy/artsy look revolves around the Mikayla halter top with mesh insert and Harmony bottom with mesh side inserts from Cami and Jax. The Felice square cut sunnies and Raining Chains earcuff are from Primadonna, and the red leather bracelet with interchangeable snap on charms is from Chuck-Chuck. Carry a tin of Jurlique’s Love Balm in your beach bag for lips and elbows, along with a few Lauren Napier Cleanse wipes to freshen up in the heat. Cat Footwear Zosia sandals, stylist’s own bangles. Crochet pieces: discount store hair net, Punta Mita beaded top by Anna Kosturova.

4. Desperately seeking fun in this 80s influenced outfit. Glam it up with Rimmel London Scandaleyes mascara and Stila Stay All Day liquid lipstick in FieryFelice square cut sunglasses with studs from Primadonna. Aqua Leila athletic top with string back detail from Cami and Jax, silver cotton foil stretch short from S.I.L.K New York. Leather belt from Ann Taylor, black wood tusk necklace from Forever 21, stylist’s own hoops. Spray yourself with the original Daisy formula for a fresh, floral finish. Crochet pieces: discount store crochet hair net, Diamond crop top from Anna Kosturova.

5. A casual, rich boho look. Iconic aviator shades from Primadonna hooked onto the fringed leather Desigual Colour cross-body bag. Crisp white shirt from Unique Thrift, Cami and Jax Leila bikini top and Anuhea bottom. peach Crinkle Crush Infinity scarf, Raining Chains ear cuff, and burnished gold Vintage Tusk ring from Primadonna, stylist’s own snakeskin printed studded cuff from Crosssroads Trading. Tan before you hit the beach with St. Tropez Self Tan Bronzing Mousse and Gradual Tan Everyday Body Moisturizer. Treat sweat induced pimples with Bullet Acne Aid. Crochet piece: Anna Kosturova’s Antoinette short.

6.Easy style, for a day of sightseeing or a night of dancing and drinks. Lightweight denim shirt from Nella Fantasia. Big Bang Sparkle Collar statement necklace, Felice square cut and Roman cateye sunglasses, burnished gold Vintage Tusk ring, and electric blue Anatomy cutout clutch from Primadonna. Weavement sandals from Cat Footwear. Beautifeel laceless oxfords and L’Autre Chose t-strap wingtip stack heel shoes from Underground Thrift Store. Counteract sun damage by washing with Jurlique Soothing Foaming Cleanser and using Nugg Beauty’s anti-aging mask with vitamin B3 and white tea extract. Make Up Forever Aqua Matic crease-proof eyeshadow pencil is perfect for non smudge summer makeup. Crochet piece: Antoinette short by Anna Kosturova.

7. Pretty with bite. Silk and cotton tweed jacket from S.I.L.K. New York, distressed light wash jeans from Guess, Weavement sandals from Cat Footwear. Burnished gold Vintage Tusk ringRaining Chains earcuff, Roman cateye tortoiseshell sunglasses, and Anatomy cut-out clutch by Primadonna. Chain belt is actually the detachable strab from the clutch. Give yourself a heatproof style with Fudge Urban’s Iced Raspberry & Vanilla Styling Mousse. Nugg Beauty’s hydrating facial mask replaces moisture drained by chlorinated pools and saltwater swimming. Carry a pretty tube of Pacifica Indian Coconut Nectar super hydration handcream, just in case. Crochet piece: Manor shell by Anna Kosturova.

Stay tuned, more ‘Summer Must Haves’ are on the way!

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the ‘zombiefoot’ summer sandal season makeover (ugly foot photos, you have been warned!)


So, when I lived in Chicago I had a routine- get paid, get my nails done at Nail Bar. This was like a religious ritual. I went to the one at 537 Diversey. I didn’t have much else, but I had fat, pampered little feet. I lived for cheap sandals (Forever 21 was my jam back then!)

Since then, I moved to New York and at first I was going to Bliss Spa at the W hotel on 49th Street? But my finances changed and I let that go. i let my pampered little tootsies deflate and treated them like two strangers. Sad.


This January I had had enough. Polar Vortex or no- my feet needed attention and fast. When you let your feet go, you’re saying ‘goodbye cruel world, I have nothing to live for!’ I had to get it together. I started out with the big guns- salicylic acid drops from Target, and those corn plasters from Dr. Scholl’s. These socks from Jack’s 99 World were my best friends, covering all the ugliness with bright colors and patterns. .


It gets worse before it gets better, obviously. This is what my feet looked like- just nasty. Like something from The Walking Dead. At first you despair thinking, my whole foot is peeling away, my toes will be scarred for life! No one will love me! But get a grip, because it’s not that serious.


See? better, right? And I kept the rest of my foot buffed and scraped, and at first used Vaseline to keep them from being dry and cracked. This is how I got through the winter. It took about 4 weeks? But I had these at the end. Not bad.


I fine-tuned my feet with the Tweezerman Studio Collection’s Sole Mates duo. One side is a file, the other is a smoother. This salicylic ointment from Origins (Reinventing the Heel) has peppermint oil and works like a dream on feet and hands to slough off dead skin. The effect is nearly instantaneous. The Tweezerman Pushy Cuticle Pusher and Nail Cleaner is a pro quality tool for home use. Makes you feel all serious and professional in the tub while doing your nails.


I got these Rescue Beauty Lounge terrycloth flip-flops at my favorite thrift store for $1, luckily. They were exactly what I needed to get in the mood to polish my toenails, and they cushion my feet like sneakers. I used Illamasqua’s Shattered Star nail varnish in Fire Rose and Marquise- because one coat and you look like you’re done. Two coats deepens the color. I love the matte, textured effect and the glitter isn’t garish. It gleams subtly, like Dorothy’s ruby slippers.


The finishing touch? Grown-up and chic sandals! I love the Weavement style from Cat Footwear, which is right on the gladiator trend. They make your feet look skinny and sexy. Real leather, ladies- and the guys love them. Check out Vince Camuto’s heeled Odetta version! I’m also wearing the Zosia sandal, which offers more coverage, has style, and is also super comfortable. You can walk miles in them and the soft, supple leather works with slacks or dresses. Payless is also a great place to find up to date styles, like these studded ones.

It’s too late to hide now, people. It’s time to get those tootsies cleaned up and ready for presentation! You can do it, and you’ll feel so much better afterwards.


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Flashback: my first (fashion) year in NY- 2010


Cute little Bushwick gypsy in um…Forever 21,and H&M.

I just got an email from someone that I knew in Chicago asking me what it’s like to live in New York. I answered, but it got me thinking… what have I been doing for 4 years?


3 faces of weave…and yes- that is THE Dior tshirt. 

When I first came, I stayed at the Chelsea Hotel for 2 nights and then moved over to this place called the La Semana. My ex-bf had given me some money (think Mr. Big and Carrie, but scale it down about 100 notches and you have that relationship all figured out), but I had to find a place and a way to live all by myself. Alone. In this massive city. By myself.


It was a floral thing: steel necklace and Calvin Klein dress

There are easier and less expensive ways to break up with someone, I’m just sayin. But my forst year in New York, I got to spend without worrying where the money was coming from.


NYC look: jacket from R.A.G, Forever 21 necklace, Steve Madden boots

Eventually, I found a room and a job at Buffalo Exchange. I had already finished an internship at modaCycle and had moved on to The Fashion Spot. I never wrote about myself, just other people. So, these are actually the first time I’m posting these photos.


Styling- first on me, then for a test shoot with model Heidi Gaudet

I was constantly shopping, but also styling more aggressively. I modified this Guess dress, work here with a Nicole Miller leather jacket. I think the dress looked better on my model, lol! I wasn’t blogging or anything, but I was always in my little room taking pictures of myself. After my frumpy Chicago days, I was ready to dive in and wear all the fun things I hadn’t had a chance to wear in Illinois.


The closet, the rack, the shoe corner- Bushwick 2010 

I loved how easy it was to get a hairweave. I loved how easy it was to pick up designer clothes cheap. I loved going to Housing Works and looking for bargains.


My Abatha bag…

But I also loved splurging…I actually got on the LIRR to go to Southhampton just to buy a Brahmin bag. I just did it. I got my hair done at an expensive salon, and got my mani/pedis at Bliss.


Everyday was a style challenge. 

It made me realize that I would rather just be myself. so after all those weaves and clothing changes? I ended up looking like this:


Velvet label tshirt from Scoop NYC., hair by Amoy Couture Hair

These days, I have to  take care of myself so I don’t have tons of cash to spend of things like that. Looking through these pics, I see that what I bought and who I was with didn’t make me happy. I I love clothes, but I love the idea of being valued and doing something worthwhile with my life even more.

I loved me more, when I gave myself some credit for being ok alone.