Pretty On The Inside #lingerie

Pretty On The Inside #lingerie

Agent Provocateur clothing

La Perla lace bra
$400 –

Agent Provocateur panty
$515 –

La Perla intimate
$105 –

Folies By Renaud mesh corset
$110 –

Topshop strappy lingerie
$60 –

La Perla bra
$84 –

River Island pajamas

Red lingerie
$33 –


Charlotte Russe clothing


Tame Winter with SOREL: Contest Entry

Tame Winter with SOREL: Contest Entry

Unisex hoody

Stretchy top

Helmut Lang cropped sweatpant
$305 –

Herschel Supply Co nylon zip bag
$75 –

Yellow gold jewelry
$895 –

Acne Studios woolen shawl

Matte glasses
$38 –

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in which we investigate the corset (lingerie part 2)

Last time we talked about the rudiments of a lingerie wardrobe, bras and panties. Pretty much every woman and teen girl starts with those two, panties coming into your life right after toilet training. Once you’ve gotten your basic underwear personality down (cotton or silk? embroidery? animal print? luxury or discount store?) you start advancing into the territory of shapewear. Some are against, citing health risks and extreme discomfort. But that hasn’t stopped anyone. Women, and men, are buying Spanx, waist cinchers, and corsets like never before. Screenshot 2016-09-02 at 4.11.52 PMEveryone agrees that the undergarment that we refer to as the corset is first formally recorded in the 16th century.  Starting out as something worn by aristocrats, it slowly trickled downward to become adopted by any woman interested in presenting a shapely figure. The corset, as we know it, is a garment that pulls in any excess flesh until it shows the curve of the ribcage narrowing down to the waist and then flaring again at the hips. It gave every woman the ability to have an hourglass figure. There were those that argued against the unhealthy practice of lacing the corset too tightly, because it constricted internal organs like the lungs. To be honest, women wore huge layers of clothes, so that may also have contributed to fainting. Fashion slimmed the Gibson Girl down to the free-waisted flapper by 1920.  With women wearing less and lighter clothing, the wasp waist was de-emphasized, the corset became less of an instrument of torture. Screenshot 2016-09-02 at 4.44.39 PMThe flapper era came and went and once women got used to wearing less, fashions that accentuated the waist crept slowly back. By 1950 we were looking at a new version of the wasp waist, but with so many fewer layers it was sexier. The New Look that we associate with that era was an echo of the fashionable garb of the 1890s, but shorter skirts, and the corseting was tight but not life threatening. The style again loosened up, easing into the a-line dresses and mini’s of the 60s and hot pants of the 70s. The 80s was a neon bright free for all, with draped t-shirts and leggings. But the corset was still there, as proven by Madonna and Cyndi Lauper. The one undergarment known for constricting women’s breathing was seen as a fun breath of fresh air.

Screenshot 2016-09-01 at 11.14.52 PM

Out of the ashes of the grungy 90s has risen a new type of corset, and a new kind of body image. Young women are choosing to wear corsets, or waist snatchers, under clothes and during workouts in order to once again achieve an hourglass figure. Started by Kim Kardashian’s instagram, the waist trainer has come out of the closets of older women to land firmly on their daughters waists. Instead of full skirts, we’re seeing them with exercise gear or hiding under a tshirt worn with jeans. After being the cause of women fainting dead away from not being able to take sufficient breath, we now see the corset (which actually is great for posture and reminds you to suck in tummy muscles) as a health garment and one that gives women control over the appearance of their bodies.

Talk about a transformation!

Screenshot 2016-09-02 at 4.11.16 PM


There’s way more range to the types of corsets that you can buy, and in 2016 you can buy it to wear as a top and not just underwear. You can get a cropped, bralike bustier top to wear with denim shorts or a pencil skirt. A basque is more risque, kind of like a waist cinching bodysuit with stocking suspenders attached. Naughty, right?  Steampunk has also spawned the return of ornate waist trainers like those of the 1800s. You are basically only limited by cash and your imagination when it comes to finding the corset that suits your body and personality.


xoxo, Faith/SassyEthnicBohemian



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in which i go to Intimacy with my #WHWNY giftcard and get an actual bra fitting

So after the Voss Foundation Women Helping Women luncheon, I had a few hours to kill before the Pinch Me First Anniversary party at Acme. I figured it was a good time to run over to Intimacy and use (one of ) my giftcards ( I took a hint from the lady two seats over and snatched a few from the empty place settings. Don’t worry- I gave one away to a friend who just got married, so… ).

Ahem. Yeah, one embarassing admission after another here on SEB. You’re welcome, and keep comin’ back!


So again- here were the steps: 1. surprise in napkin at charity luncheon 2. shopping at Intimacy on 5th and 16th 3. gorgeous, soft, comfy lace panties from Hanky Panky in my house. A thourough and complete win.

And? I still had one more card…


I had such a good customer service experience the first time that I made an appointment to come in for a bra fit and to officially take a closer look. I was so excited on the first visit, that I hadn’t even noticed everything. Now I saw that they offered fragrance from Aubade (heavenly) and a retro style spray bottle from Agent Provacateur (your burlesque moment). There was also a little wedding night package. These people have you covered from single life to married. Nice.


That’s Lisa Marie over at the register. I checked out their heritage wall as Lisa took care of other customers. Intimacy has been around since 1992, when founder Susan Nethero opened the first shop in Atlanta. Intimacy’s unique approach to getting the right breasts in the right bra was even featured on Oprah.

I thought about drinking some water, but there were too many things to look at. See that mannequin? Yeah, they have plus sizes. In fact, they have about 90 band sizes and cup sizes from A to K.



Look at all of this. It’s like lingerie heaven. It’s all European brands, and the styles are super feminine. They also have slips and swimwear.


And undies for men. These have a speacial little hammock for your man’s uh, stuff.

I took a thorough tour, and then it was time for my fitting.


Lisa showed me into a huge dressing room with a plush seat and a silky robe. Yep. A robe. This was serious. then Lisa came in with this insane selection of bras. Aubade, Primadonna, Andres Sarda, and Simone Perele– luxurious, and sexy. Also functional- she had a few that were seamless t-shirt bras.

I’m not going to reveal the full secrets of the fitting room, but it’s definitely not an event for the squeamish or overly body conscious. You have to trust and be ready to show your twins to a near stranger while talking lingerie. It’s not just a tape measure over your clothes- they mean to get you into a great bra that supports your breasts and makes you look amazing. I have no shame, so there you go.


This happened. I’m kind of pudgy right now, but that didn’t stop me from taking selfies. The first bra is the Simone Perele Andora bra, that has some kind of memory foam that fits to your breasts perfectly. So perfectly- that your headlights show right through. Technology!

Lisa told me about the INTIMACY Insider program. You set up a profile and your bra fit stylist enters your sizes, and you can build a wish list of things that you love. They have a referral program and you can organize parties with snacks and cocktails and everything.


My gift card was for $30, so I indulged myself in another pair of Hanky Panky’s. This time I got bold and went for some turquoise boyshorts. They are so comfortable, it makes me want a whole wardrobe of them. With matching bras, and slips… I think Intimacy might be a place that I keep visiting for a long time to come.

Next up: the NAILCARE ROUNDUP! definitely worth the wait…

xoxo, Faith/Sassy Ethnic Bohemian