So, I’m in the Vogue Influencer Network… Huzzah!

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I’ve been busy building my online businesses (selling new/used and vintage items on ebay, poshmark, etsy, and depop) so regular blogging has fallen by the wayside. BUT, I just got an email about something I wanted really bad last year. I’ am a humble litte Vogue Influencer… which means every so often I’ll be posting about cool new stuff from brands that they’re promoting. No cause for alarm, and I promise not to become annoying by bombarding you guys with crap.


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I really like this minimalist tshirt from Proenza Schouler that celebrates the 125th anniversary of the mag. It is $250? But if you have the money, why not? Then wear it every day. EVERY. DAY. Then distress it, spray it with bleach and sell it.

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Marc Jacobs has unleashed a bunch of new Eye-Conic Multi-Finish eyeshadow palettes, for you guys that are into makeup. This one is the Frivoluxe 730¬†Greige and Violet. It’s $49? But that’s $7 per eyeshadow, but it’s high end shadow which is usually very silky and long lasting. This will probably last you forever. AND you get a free mini highliner and mini velvet noir (aka mascara and eyeliner samples) with your purchase, so that’s something.

Since you feel like shopping, feel free to drop by my depop store tonight- they’re donating 10% from every purchase to Hurricane Harvey Relief. Buy some stuff, help people out.


See you next time,




Throw Down #dresses

Throw Down #dresses


Picnic Pretty #dresses

Picnic Pretty #dresses

Zip bag

Pink hat


Lip gloss

Gucci fragrance
$77 –


Getting Medieval #tapestry #backtoschool

Getting Medieval #tapestry #backtoschool

Crochet top
$235 –

Ted Baker floral top
$66 –

$670 –

Boho skirt

Sam edelman booties
$175 –

Summer shoes
$35 –

STELLA McCARTNEY denim backpack
$970 –

Hoop earrings

Gucci baseball cap hat
$340 –

RetroSuperFuture red glasses
$190 –

Woolrich scarve


Cutoff Point #jeanshorts #denim

Cutoff Point #jeanshorts #denim

Denim cut off

Mara Hoffman bikini swimsuit
$375 –

Ballin summer sandals
$225 –

Gap flats sandals

Cult Gaia man bag

Bahina garnet jewelry

Beach hat

Round glasses

Face makeup

Sun care

Alba Botanica sun care