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in which I change the name of everything to SEB Market BK


So, I changed the name of my blog and social media accounts recently as part of the many big changes happening in my life. Blogging is awesome, and a great way to create a brand, but at some point it’s just not enough. I decided that after spending a huge amount of time promoting other people’s products I wanted to make my own and that’s going to be my main focus this year. And since I’m super into doing research and experimenting, it’s going to be a long process. I figured it’s better to have everything I’m doing under one name so that I can focus on the journey into business owning and operating gorwn womanhood.

I bought some books and I started making simple stuff like lip balms and working my way through recipes for hair conditioner (avocado and eggs) and a lactic acid peel (greek yogurt, green tea and lemon juice). Scrubs are easy, but body butter can be frustrating. However, it pays off because I get to use everything I make. So if I run out of lavender scented bath salts, I can just pop in the cabinet and make more. A lot easier than going shopping or emailing pr companies for products. Eventually my little business will encompass all of the things I love under one name: SEB Market BK.

The latest experiments were a pomade for my natural hair, which dries out if the heat is too high or if anyone breathes on it, and a simple vinegar and oil pre-shampoo scalp treatment. I was reading about drybrushing so that’s become part of the research. It’s supposed to be great for your circulation, in addition to exfoliating any random dry skin flakes. I tried making lotion and ended up with grapefruit scented lotion bar pieces, and now I get why people like lotion bars. That comes in handy for the big scratch I made on my hip from over brushing.

Dry brushing– it’s not for the overzealous.


I’m taking business classes, working on a business plan, and all the other stuff it takes to start an actual business. I’ll still be posting, but in addition to the polyvore styling sets my topics will be DIY beauty, healthy paleo recipes, and if something interesting happens that might be fun to share. Thanks so much to everyone for reading my posts!


xoxo, Faith/SEB Market BK


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