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Review: affordable bath & body luxury from Petal Fresh #skin

I meant to write this last week, but got hit with a blast of desperately needing to relax and put it off. Have you ever felt that way? Like just wanting to do simple, boring basic things? So I did that and now I’m ready to talk about these awesome Petal Fresh products that got sent over.


I am a sucker for bath products and have a huge soft spot for body wash. Even before blogging I was always trying new ones and was constantly haunting the aisles of beauty supply and discount stores  for new and exotic ways to wash up. Petal Fresh Botanical’s Aloe Vera Moisturizing Body Wash ($5.50) has been a great relaxation tool over the past week. With it’s rich foamy bubbles and soothing suds, whether you’re doing a bubble bath or a quick shower you’ll feel less stressed. And the bottle is huge, almost 24 ounces so you’ll have lots of baths and showers to look forward too.

The Tea Tree Bath and Shower Gel ($8.25) is from the Pure line and features invigorating tea tree oil and its you with a bracing minty aroma. It also has lemon balm and thyme and some other delicious ingredients meant to cleanse and clarify the skin.  The ingredients are sustainably sourced and it is guaranteed paraben and free and pH balanced.


Once you’ve done luxuriating in the bath, you’ll still need to slather on some lotion, and this is a great one. Moisturizing Hand and Body Lotion in Grape Seed & Olive Oil ($7.70) is delectably smooth and absorbs nearly instantly on towel dried skin. Softens and minimizes the aged look of skin exposed to sun and pollution. Light scent, full of oils and skin feeding nutrients.


I can’t say enough. Where do I start? Can words express the awesomeness? I will try. Petal Fresh Pure Perfecting Body Butter in Guava Nectar  ($7.70) is everything to me right now. The 8 oz jar is stuffed with sweetly tropical scented moisturizing goodness that you will want to rub all over you. It’s chock full of everyone’s favorite, coconut oil, as well as argan oil and shea butter.

After testing so many different lotions, moisturizers and creams and varying price levels, I can honestly say that spending money on this won’t leave you disappointed. And with winter creeping in, you’ll want something something that helps restore moisture and keep skin plumped out and healthy looking. It’s something nice to rub on your skin before burrowing under the covers and the smell makes you think you’re somewhere tropical.

Check out the rest of all natural and super affordable skin, hair and  facial products at Petal Fresh.

xoxo, Faith/Sassy Ethnic Bohemian


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