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Fall Beauty: Get Cute in 10 with Kiss, Gerard Cosmetics and Nars #beauty

You have to get to work or class and even if you overslept you still need to look decent. You may need  some new cosmetic incentives to hurry it up in the bathroom every morning (or afternoon, and no I have not forgotten the night shift). Here are some cute new products all ready to help you get out the door that much quicker.

img_20160902_111051Let’s start from the top: brows. Brow tutorials are all over instagram, so even people who don’t care about makeup will be looking at yours. Gerard Cosmetics has this gorgeous little Brow Bar To Go ($28) compact, complete with mirror. You get two rich, blendable powders to create your colors and a pot of brow wax to seal the color in all day. You can also use the powders for eye shadow and for contouring if you’re into that. Comes in blonde to brunette and medium to ebony.

For the false eyelash challenged, KISS products came up with the Kiss Lash 101 ($5.99).It’s a kit to help you apply falsies so that they look believable. You get a measuring tool, lash scissors, eyelashes…everything you need to learn how to work with your eye shape and how to enhance them with lashes. If you’re invested in wearing them, this kit can help you make the application process way quicker. Kiss Strip Lash Adhesive in black ($3.99) is also part of making the process easier. The black color will help lashes blend in with eyeliner.

Lipstick is an instant makeover, so splurging on a rich, moisturizing new liquid lipstick can only be a win. NARS Cosmetics has the new Velvet Lip Glide ($26)  which is a hybrid born of lipstick and lipgloss. Containing the NARS signature saturated color and enriched with lip softening oil infusion complex, it’s a 2 second image update with a doe foot applicator.  No. 54, Toy and Unspeakable are my (current) faves, but you can shop the whole color collection here.


Sometimes it is just too much trouble to do your nails, but yet you need to get them done. Impress Manicure has some cute new designs for fall that not only get your nails done in minutes, but they feature some sweet nail art. The imPRESS Manicure  ($6.99) feature 30 faux nails ( 6 color, 6 accent) in 12 sizes. There’s no glue, just a Safehold Adhesive Technology, so you won’t mess up your nails. but you still get gel nail shine.These sets are Gossip Girl, Next Wave and Shake It Up. You can find imPRESS at stores like walgreens, Target and Walmart.

xoxo, Faith/Sassy Ethnic Bohemian




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