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in which we update dating status, get an nyfw job & hit links a la mode for the 21st time


The last month has been excruciating. The guy I met in May had some family problems and I didn’t get to see him for ages. We kept in touch, but the longer we were separated the longer I had to think about my life, what I want, where I’m going and what I need to do to put in the last lap of effort to live like a grownup. We met upaid went out in August and it was horrible. A. because I didn’t really want to date, I just wanted him to come around sometimes and hang out. B. because I hate going anywhere on the weekends, especially in the afternoon. C. I didn’t like him anymore and now he was inconveniencing me and I wasn’t going to get the one thing I was hanging out with him for. I feel like a horrible person, but I don’t want to get mixed up with anyone else’s problems, wait anymore, or try anymore. So we broke up ( or at least agreed that we’re not going to undate each other anymore).

The reason to consciously uncouple was that I need to work more and make more money, take care of some old debts, create more business projects to work on, etc. I just need to focus on work and networking and money. Not t have a baby, or try to get married, but so that I can buy some property on which to live and work. Some place where I can spread out and thrive and create and be myself. I love my apartment, but at some point I want to have the kind of life where I support and sustain myself only with my creative work, and help employ and educate others while I do that. Even if I kept hanging out with him, he wasn’t the type to help.  Things just got exponentially better because I finally landed a fashion insider job, and I’m working NYFW right now and it’s the gateway to my prosperity cycle.

Sometimes? For some people, love isn’t enough.

My latest tshirt design, Basic Boss (hoodie $48)

The good thing is that he triggered my creative and organizational feelings and recharged me and I have been getting stuff done. One thing was coming up with this design, which is up on Society6. The Basic Boss collection is tshirts, hoodies, carryall pouches and laptop sleeves. Check it out.

AND SEB is on Links a la Mode September 8th!!!

Screenshot 2016-09-02 at 4.11.16 PM

Links à la Mode, September 8th

IFB bloggers showed a mishmash of Summer and Fall trends this go round. Looking forward to shoulder sweeping earrings, the color burgundy… and scrunchies? Enjoying the memories of distressed jeans, short overalls and rompers, bold prints, and devising ways of blending them into your Fall wardrobe. A brief history on stockings, and other underpinnings, bring up another upcoming trend–tights! And women’s jumpsuits and rompers have received quite a bit of attention this Summer, but what about for men?

Dive in to this week’s Links à la Mode for details that also go beyond trends and on to travel, music, beauty, and the upside of owning your look and “angles.”

Links à la Mode, September 8th

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