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in which we decide to talk about lingerie… Part 1 #style

I was pawing through my underwear drawer and while I’ve accumulated some bits and bobs, the selection is woefully inadequate. I feel as if I haven’t really put much thought into it, and I’m wondering if this says something about me as a person. To be honest, I had kind of hoped that I could get through life with a pack of cotton panties and a decent bra, but its not that simple in real life, is it?  So as with anything that happens to me, I looked for a way to make this a blog post.

Because I love all of you and want you to have good underwear, too. Come, we will learn together.

What with people going back to school and gearing up for the fall and winter seasons, I thought it was a good idea to start a series about that most delicious of style and fashion topics… lingerie.


Screenshot 2016-08-18 at 5.35.19 PM

The brassiere (or bra) started out as something to hold breasts in place while doing other things. It was purely functional. At first. But as each new century passed, with new discoveries in textiles, bras became works of lace and embroidery meant to seduce and beguile. Whether you’re an A cup or double G, a pretty bra emphasizes and supports the beauty of the breast. If you’re on a tight budget, you can start at H&M or Topshop for bras at around $20 and bra/panty sets under $100. Ekauer does an amazing push-up for larger sizes for only $18. Believe it or not, the lingerie that you get from fast fashion retailers can be as beautiful and of comparable quality to more exclusive brands.  When you’re starting out, you want things that are pretty, just to get your foot in the door and to start getting used to wearing lace and mesh that displays more than covers.

Once you’re used to, and expect, beautiful lingerie you need to get fitted for a proper brassiere at some place like Rigby & Peller which has boutiques around the world and a Royal Warrant. A proper bra fitting by a professional gives you a better idea of your band and cup size, and shows you how best to show off your assets. It’s also a good time to ask about different types of bras, from bralets to balconets to deep plunge push-ups. Once you know your bra styles inside and out, Cosabella and La Perla are brands to aspire to once you have a more discerning eye and bigger wallet.

Panties:Screenshot 2016-08-19 at 1.26.53 PM

This blogger loves the word panties. It’s a silly, giggly kind of word that’s perfect for the item it describes. A scrap of fabric that covers the loins and shields the last mystery from view. When dressing, panties should match the color of your bra, it just looks more put together. If you’re buying a colored bra or one in a distinctive pattern, buy the matching panties from the same company, and remember to get one extra for just in case. If the bra is a basic color, like black, you have way more latitude because all black lingerie is a basic go-to and a never fail option.

Buy thongs for soft jersey dresses and skirts, so that you won’t have a panty line. Trim boy shorts show off a firm behind and are great under low cut jeans (thongs can show above the waistband). Tap pants are best paired with a chemise and are perfect for reclining saucily in your boudoir or protecting your modesty under a miniskirt. . Crotchless panties are to be used at your discretion, but not on the subway. Somebody dropped crickets and peed on the floor just this week in New York. You need real panties to feel safe on public transportation, trust me on this. 

It turns out that there’s more to lingerie than I thought, so I have to make a mini-series out of it. Next time we’ll look at corsets and sleepwear.


xoxo, Faith/Sassy Ethnic Bohemian


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