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in which we appear on Links a la Mode for the 18th time!

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Links à la Mode, August 18th


My daughter attends a school with a uniform dress policy. After the first day, she kept happily telling me, “but it doesn’t feel like a uniform.” I honestly don’t know what she was expecting. As a {her} mom, I’m just happy to not debate wardrobe preferences with a five year old on the daily–to belt or not to belt, skinny or boyfriend jeans, dress up or dress down a jumpsuit, or florals versus Autumn colors. As a fashion follower and someone who used to work in apparel manufacturing, I look for ways to give her a positive uniform experience.

Uniforms really have made a turn around from years past–better fabric, better cuts, and more colors to choose from. It got me thinking, we can all have a uniform–usually made up of our favorite seasonal pieces. Call it a fashion rut, call it a capsule wardrobe, call it a smart wardrobe, but what it comes down to is this–quality pieces that we feel both comfort and style, and is appropriate to our surroundings that can be worn over and over again.

Singapore recently celebrated their National Day, and some beautiful ladies showed off their true colors in uniform fashion. There is also a wonderful sentiment behind the celebration’s logo this year–check it out! IFB bloggers were offering lots of helpful advice again this week with posts on taking your look from work to drinks, making petite legs look longer, how to not buy maternity, and building a perfect wardrobe. Helpful tips specific to the business of blogging regarding Polyvore, the perfect hour for photography, how to bring intimacy to your blog with social media, and making link up connections.

Now, what is inspiring you for your Fall wardrobe {uniform}?

Links à la Mode, August 18th

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