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in which we spend all day resizing photos for society 6 #photography #entrepeneur #projects

I started posting work to Society 6 in..2014? Thinking that I’d finally start doing some graphic design in addition to selling my photos. The first year I sold one duvet cover, which was like woo hoo! I don’t bother marketing to people I know, because while that’s a way to build a business it’s also kind of fraudulent since it doesn’t mean anyone liked your work. Getting a stranger to spend money is way cooler. That means they really wanted it and not that they’re trying to make me feel better.

I actually ended up taking down my first page, then trying another, removing that and starting all over again with a new name to match my blog. Then I changed the name again to be more businesslike. It felt kind of flakey, but I figured once I had committed to the page and promoted it, then things would work out. I’ve been spending chunks of hours this summer rifling through folder and resizing images, which is tedious but still…

This summer I’ve finally been updating and adding some images that I love but didn’t have time to look at because I was chasing rainbows and neglecting my work. These rose images have been sitting in a folder on an external hardrive for months! Now they’re finally out for the world to see and purchase, which is fun.  Feel free to check out my flower collection, I have some great images of tulips and these gorgeous dew bedecked roses.

And now I’m a leggings designer, so that’s cool. I actually bought a pair and loved them. Not to mention feeling super cool because I had designed them. I’m a fashion designer, sweetie! Ok, not really,  but still.

My polyvore styling/blog sets are now super cute totebags… (and pillows, snd framed prints). I figured my hard work should have a life if it’s own, otherwise why bother?

Not to mention using the collages that I create by hand for blog posts.

Screenshot 2016-08-05 at 1.26.15 PM

I love the fact that this magical shot that I took while walking across the Manhattan Bridge can be somebody’s shower curtain. Someone told me that was cheesy, but whatever. People need shower curtains that make them feel special. If you can’t make it to Brooklyn Bridge Park, I went for you.



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