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in which we decide to talk about lingerie… Part 1 #style

I was pawing through my underwear drawer and while I’ve accumulated some bits and bobs, the selection is woefully inadequate. I feel as if I haven’t really put much thought into it, and I’m wondering if this says something about me as a person. To be honest, I had kind of hoped that I could get through life with a pack of cotton panties and a decent bra, but its not that simple in real life, is it?  So as with anything that happens to me, I looked for a way to make this a blog post.

Because I love all of you and want you to have good underwear, too. Come, we will learn together.

What with people going back to school and gearing up for the fall and winter seasons, I thought it was a good idea to start a series about that most delicious of style and fashion topics… lingerie.


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The brassiere (or bra) started out as something to hold breasts in place while doing other things. It was purely functional. At first. But as each new century passed, with new discoveries in textiles, bras became works of lace and embroidery meant to seduce and beguile. Whether you’re an A cup or double G, a pretty bra emphasizes and supports the beauty of the breast. If you’re on a tight budget, you can start at H&M or Topshop for bras at around $20 and bra/panty sets under $100. Ekauer does an amazing push-up for larger sizes for only $18. Believe it or not, the lingerie that you get from fast fashion retailers can be as beautiful and of comparable quality to more exclusive brands.  When you’re starting out, you want things that are pretty, just to get your foot in the door and to start getting used to wearing lace and mesh that displays more than covers.

Once you’re used to, and expect, beautiful lingerie you need to get fitted for a proper brassiere at some place like Rigby & Peller which has boutiques around the world and a Royal Warrant. A proper bra fitting by a professional gives you a better idea of your band and cup size, and shows you how best to show off your assets. It’s also a good time to ask about different types of bras, from bralets to balconets to deep plunge push-ups. Once you know your bra styles inside and out, Cosabella and La Perla are brands to aspire to once you have a more discerning eye and bigger wallet.

Panties:Screenshot 2016-08-19 at 1.26.53 PM

This blogger loves the word panties. It’s a silly, giggly kind of word that’s perfect for the item it describes. A scrap of fabric that covers the loins and shields the last mystery from view. When dressing, panties should match the color of your bra, it just looks more put together. If you’re buying a colored bra or one in a distinctive pattern, buy the matching panties from the same company, and remember to get one extra for just in case. If the bra is a basic color, like black, you have way more latitude because all black lingerie is a basic go-to and a never fail option.

Buy thongs for soft jersey dresses and skirts, so that you won’t have a panty line. Trim boy shorts show off a firm behind and are great under low cut jeans (thongs can show above the waistband). Tap pants are best paired with a chemise and are perfect for reclining saucily in your boudoir or protecting your modesty under a miniskirt. . Crotchless panties are to be used at your discretion, but not on the subway. Somebody dropped crickets and peed on the floor just this week in New York. You need real panties to feel safe on public transportation, trust me on this. 

It turns out that there’s more to lingerie than I thought, so I have to make a mini-series out of it. Next time we’ll look at corsets and sleepwear.


xoxo, Faith/Sassy Ethnic Bohemian

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In which we talk about waist trainers and Ishga Active Cleansing Lotion #beauty #weightloss

New York has been engulfed in a grody heatwave for weeks and during that time life was nothing but a panting, sweaty mess. I made it out to the beach again, but by and large the fun gadabout summer that I had been planning was curtailed. I spent a lot of time just hanging out in the house with the air conditioner on full blast. People can bleat about climate change all they want, it’s not just what we’ve done to the atmosphere, it’s what the Earth does every so often…self-destruct.

Anyway, before people start thinking this is going to be a diatribe about the environment, it’s just another blog post about my ongoing struggle to be the best woman I can be. It’s just that this time, that involves a waist cincher.

After spending weeks binge watching TV and not really moving around, I went to my yearly checkup and the worst had happened. 20 pounds of the worst. Body acceptance is great until it’s your body that needs accepting. I felt like the time had come to ask for a lifeline. Enter, the Waist Trainer Cincher (control underbust shaper corset shapewear body tummy sport) which I bought on Ebay for $14 plus shipping. It came within days, as they promised, in a snazzy silver envelope. I had it on five minutes after I got back in my apartment. It was instant love.

You wrap the belt around your waist, closing it with the huge velcro tabs. The you pull the elastic outer straps around and your locked into curvaceous. It didn’t hurt, but you are compressed. I’m guessing that the compression helps you lose weight because you can’t stuff your face while you’re wearing it, and once you put it on you don’t want to take it off. The waist trainer holds in the fat that’s holding you down, and reinforces your spine so you stand up straighter. It’s flexible enough to move around in, but you always know it’s there. It feels amazing. I loved having such a tiny waist, even temporarily.

The worst part was that you don’t know it, but you are going to sweat under it, even if you’re not working out. I exacerbated that by going outside in it in super hot weather and it started chafing my skin. I countered that by massaging Vitamin E Oil into my sides, and taking a day off. I can’t wait to put it back on, though. After a week I am eating less and better, and feel more motivated to exercise. I don’t do hours of work or anything, I’m just doing 20 minutes with my hand weights and stretching and sit-ups. When I go back to my waist trainer, I’ll be following the 7 Day Waist Training Beginner’s Guide and Checklist to make sure I get the best results out of this.

20160824_124255Sometimes it takes me awhile to get to a product because other things come up, and also I may be overloaded on the item. In this case, I finally had room in the cabinet for a facial cleanser and exhumed a product that’s been waiting since the holidays. i was testing some glycolic peels and vitamin c serums, but they do not agree with my skin. I went rooting through my supplies and pulled out the amazing Ishga Active Cleansing Lotion. It’s organic skincare infused with seaweed from the Hebrides. Seaweed, especially from the clean, cold waters of the Hebrides in Scotland, has those precious anti-oxidants and anti-ageing properties that we covet in the beauty game.

20160824_151010You pump some of the soft pink cream into your hand and them massage it onto your skin, You don’t need water, I just have the faucet running for effect. Just rub this into your skin in upward strokes, believe me between the smell and the fragrance you’ll end up having to force yourself to stop. A minute should be good. Then use some cotton balls to wipe it off. It takes off the grime and leaves your skin obscenely soft. To make sure I waited a few days and then used it just before sitting down to write this post. It’s an instant moisturizer.  So luxe. The price is 30 GBP, and at the moment that’s $39.73 USD, so that’s a bargain.


xoxo, Faith/Sassy Ethnic Bohemian


Life Matters (black, white and red)

Life Matters (black, white and red)


Kenzo short white dress
$510 –

White top

Alexander Wang short skirt

Miu Miu boots

Satchel bag

Rolex gold crown

Gold jewellery

Cloche hat
$13 –




La Prairie fragrance
$96 –

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in which we appear on Links a la Mode for the 18th time!

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Links à la Mode, August 18th


My daughter attends a school with a uniform dress policy. After the first day, she kept happily telling me, “but it doesn’t feel like a uniform.” I honestly don’t know what she was expecting. As a {her} mom, I’m just happy to not debate wardrobe preferences with a five year old on the daily–to belt or not to belt, skinny or boyfriend jeans, dress up or dress down a jumpsuit, or florals versus Autumn colors. As a fashion follower and someone who used to work in apparel manufacturing, I look for ways to give her a positive uniform experience.

Uniforms really have made a turn around from years past–better fabric, better cuts, and more colors to choose from. It got me thinking, we can all have a uniform–usually made up of our favorite seasonal pieces. Call it a fashion rut, call it a capsule wardrobe, call it a smart wardrobe, but what it comes down to is this–quality pieces that we feel both comfort and style, and is appropriate to our surroundings that can be worn over and over again.

Singapore recently celebrated their National Day, and some beautiful ladies showed off their true colors in uniform fashion. There is also a wonderful sentiment behind the celebration’s logo this year–check it out! IFB bloggers were offering lots of helpful advice again this week with posts on taking your look from work to drinks, making petite legs look longer, how to not buy maternity, and building a perfect wardrobe. Helpful tips specific to the business of blogging regarding Polyvore, the perfect hour for photography, how to bring intimacy to your blog with social media, and making link up connections.

Now, what is inspiring you for your Fall wardrobe {uniform}?

Links à la Mode, August 18th

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So Fresh and So Keen: Contest Entry

So Fresh and So Keen: Contest Entry

Moschino quilted coat
$1,955 –

Handbags tote

Carelle gold jewelry

Pave diamond ring

Tessa Metcalfe gold jewelry
$115 –

Stainless steel jewelry
$30 –

Round sunglasses
$275 –

Wool hat

Nars cosmetic
$27 –

Mac cosmetic


9 Awesome Pairs of Summer Shorts and Everything You Need To Wear With Them #heatwave

9 Awesome Pairs of Summer Shorts and Everything You Need To Wear With Them #heatwave

Yves Saint Laurent sweater
$255 –

Kavu strappy tank top

T shirt

Sans Souci cold shoulder top

Short shorts
$30 –

Summer shorts

Denim shorts

Mango shorts

Adidas elastic waist shorts
$59 –

Red handbag

Choker necklace
$17 –

Gucci sunglasses

Studded belt

Revo round sunglasses

Lime Crime lipstick


Heatwave Weekend Happiness

Heatwave Weekend Happiness