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Weekly Photo Challenge: Cherry on Top #photography ðŸ“·


So three years ago I finally got a decent apartment in a decent building in a neighborhood I like with 4 Mcdonald’s, two Popeye’s, multiple laundromats, and a thousand grocery stores. But after three years I don’t have any friends in my building. Why? Because some of my neighbors are straight up nuts. And drug addicts. And shoplifters… you get the picture.

Good people live here, too? But how can I tell who’s decent from who’s not? Some of the biggest freaks seem friendly, until you find out they’re on crack. The first NYE that I spent here, a crackhead (everyone knew who it was) threw a crack party and set the building on fire. I spent midnight running down the stairs barely ahead of the water that had flooded the staircases, and the first floor lobby, and the computer room in the basement.

Let’s not talk about the time they destroyed the laundry room. I do my laundry elsewhere now, So much easier.


The police are here regularly. One tenant set fire to her apartment and flooded the hallway 3 times. How do you flood an apartment to the point where the floor underneath you  has water flowing down the walls? Last week I found a crack vial on the stairs, and today came the cherry on top of this pile of neighborly doodoo- someone punched a hole in the safety glass in the lobby door.  Why? Who cares.

Welcome to the jungle, right?


xoxo, Faith/Sassy Ethnic Bohemian



9 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Cherry on Top #photography ðŸ“·”

  1. Oh my time to get out of there. Try to stay clear from areas with McDonalds, Popeyes, laundromats and such. Find a an area with some cute coffee shops and people who care about themselves and their environment. Maybe near a treed park area. Sometimes you can find a cherry on top with a low cost apartment in the midst of those areas. There are hidden gems in every community. Sending you Love, Light, Safety and successful relocation!!

    1. Nah, this is New York. They’ll rob, rape, and kill you in the cute cafe areas, too. And there might me roaches, crazy roommates or exorbitant rent. I just wish my neighbors would behave. ☺

    2. Btw, there’s a cute cafe next to my fave laundromat, but I hate cute cafes with a vengeance. $5 coffee and pretension, ick! I’d rather bake my own cupcakes and brew my own coffee while enjoying my own wifi. I’m just like that. And the fast food restaurants here are black owned, which I admire. I wish I owned a Dunkin! You can build a tiny one one and make money to give your family a good life.

      1. Yeah the cute cafes are over priced and I prefer to brew my own as well while using my wifi. Truthfully we just have to be aware of our surroundings no matter where we live. Love NYC and hope you can buy a DD franchise one day!! My cousin purchased an IHOP franchise that he worked in from the time he was a teenager. Now he owns two and is able to travel. It was a lot of work but definitely paid off.

      2. They just worked my last nerve by cracking that window. That door is right in the lobby, which is a public area and is the first thing people see. So in spite of the sleek leather benches and garden wall and gorgeous lighting, people will just see a nasty broken window covered with paper towels. It’s just annoying. It’s like moving to a nice area, mowing your lawn and being decent, and then the person next door puts a dilapidated car on their lawn, never mows, never paints, and their dog pees on your paper. It was indeed the ‘cherry on top’.

      3. Yes, been there with that kind of neighbor. They are everywhere. Sometimes people show us a contrast to let us know what it is we don’t want. What if you draw a picture or print one to place over the broken window instead:) We can’t control others but can try to make it a little better. Wishing you a beautiful day!

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