Fashion, food, Summer

In which we aimlessly wander through Prospect Park during a heatwave


So I get all excited because I’m going o an outdoor movie and getting out of the house where I hide from the heat and keep the shades down because my windows face east and the glare is stunning. Everything was fine, I had my lunch and snacks packed and the I noticed that it was getting dark and I drew up the shades and it was this. I nearly died.

There is nothing worse than an introvert who gears up to go out and is thwarted. Nothing.

The rain stopped and the sun came back out. I ended up going anyway, because I wanted to see The Triplets of Belleville and I wanted to see these particular people, because they’re fun and I was so bored. So I got my snacks together again and took off. When I got outside, it felt like it was even hotter than I’d expected, especially after a rainstorm. I walked to the park, thinking I knew exactly where I was going and ended up getting lost. I was texting and people were giving advice and I was still lost. Walking past people playing Pokemon Go and whatnot.


I found these curly, ribbon like sculptures by Carol Eisner scattered along my path. Stuff like this reminds me that I never get my stuff together enough to show artwork, and I really should be more disciplined and try harder, but then I think why since it feels like nobody cares, and then I remind myself that someone got this artwork into Prospect Park, and that I should maybe just think about it later.


After all that I ended up at the other end of the park, far away from the bandshell and on Eastern Parkway where I didn’t belong. This is Grand Army Plaza, Brooklyn’s Arc de Triomphe. That’s Brooklyn for you.


Since I was at Grand Army Plaza, I walked over to Flatbush and went to buy a bottle of wine. I was going for a rose, but they were doing a tasting and I ended up with this Chardonnay. They also had absinthe, which I now know I don’t like. Live and learn. This food is fresh roast chicken breast over cracked bulgur wheat with roasted veggies and tomato scallion salad. I also had chips which I had bought to share, because these people are nice and actually share snacks and I wanted to reciprocate.  I put my food, wine and snacks in front of the Chromebook, cranked up netflix and settled in. It wasn’t as much fun as going out but sometimes you just have to make do with what you have.


xoxo, Faith/Sassy Ethnic Bohemian


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