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in which we talk about food because food is awesome

So for the last six months I haven’t been exactly dieting, but I have been aware of how much I needed to cut down on the amount that I eat. Because I will eat all day long with no problem. I just like it. So wrong, but so fun. Food. It’s what’s for dinner.

And snack.

Most of what I eat fits in a bowl. I call it portion control? Also, I just like eating out of bowls. It’s to hard to curl up around a plate in bed and watch tv on my chromebook. A bowl takes care of my eating lying down needs perfectly. I’m not lazy, I just rest a lot. While eating. Broccolini with blackened artisanal sausage disks? Bowl. Ramen with mushrooms and cheese melted on top? Bowl. Plaintain chunks, broiled tilapia and asparagus or roasted beets with tilapia? Yep. Bowl.

Sometimes there are surprises. Like herb omelettes or once a shepherd’s pie, just because i loved the idea. I tried artichokes one day and they were heavenly. So simple! Once you get started eating one, you see what people are talking about. Then there was the chicken breast bonanza day. Didn’t take that long, either.

For the last month or so I’ve been cooking with/for the guy I’m not officially dating. We hang out and make food. The first time I made my Mongolian Beef and he brought over the most amazing noodles. The next time I made a pizza from mostly scratch ( I didn’t make the cheese or pepperoni) and he brought  a bottle of wine. I admit to getting fancy and making candied pecan semifreddo. I was being extra on that one, but you know what? How many chicks will do that? I wanted him to know I liked him. Also I really like it, too, so bonus!


Last time we hung out, he made this roast chicken dish. With vadouvan spices, capers, and fresh rosemary. It was so cute. He made this, I just stood there and talked to him.  I kind of thought it was gorgeous, so I took a photo. It was delicious and he was super proud of himself.  I have to buy a roasting pan, though. I never knew I needed one until now.

Food is amazing.








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