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Review in Progress: Jouviance Soft Peel Nightcreame and Ahava Firming Body Cream #skincare

Prepping for my trip to the beach gave me a chance to try a few more of the products I got from Beautypress. Some people do pushups and sit-ups to be bikini worthy, I choose skincare.


I’ve been messing with the Gentle Purifying Scrub ($22) from Jouviance, which was right on time to replace the Derma E scrub that I had been using. It’s a silky scrub, with finely ground particles of bamboo and olive stone extracts. Use a small amount to work away excess dead skin cells and revive your complexion. The scrub also contains shea butter, one of the best natural moisturizers on earth, so it’s pulling double duty. I used it on my face, neck and decolletage just to cover all my bases.

Once I was sufficiently cleansed, I smoothed on the Soft Peel Night Cream with 5% Glycoloc Acid ($35) from Jouviance’s Glyco|Laser collection. You don’t have to pile it on, a thin layer will do. It’s basically working on your skin overnight, peeling and moisturizing. Pay attention to the instructions, as they recommend slowly upping your skin’s exposure to the cream for the first week to make sure that you don’t have an allergic reaction. I am definitely happy with the results of my first two uses. Continued use can result in a more even skin tone and appearance, not to mention reduction in the appearance of fine lines.

One caveat is that it does make your skin more sensitive to the sun, so make sure you keep your sunscreen game tight and wear protective clothing outdoors. Just add a lightweight sunscreen under or in place of makeup for protection. I’m using Equitance Sunscreen Broa Spectrum SPF36 ($30).


After scrubbing with my homemade coffee and sugar scrub, I dried off and opened my new tube of Ahava Deadsea Plants Firming Body Cream ($39) and went to work. The first thing I noticed was a fresh, citrus scent. Not overpowering or sweet, just deliciously light. It’s enriched with Dead Sea minerals, date fruit extract, and artichoke all blended together for maximum moisture and softness. I noticed a difference right away. What I look for in a moisturizer is a subtle gleam on the skin. A pampered look that comes from using a cream that softens and smooths. I smoothed this on and definitely saw the desired effect. It’s not greasy or heavy, absorbs quickly, and the scent won’t battle perfume. So I’ll be putting this in my rotation for the summer and beyond.


xoxo, Faith/sassy Ethnic Bohemian


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