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in which we take our bikini body to the beach and enjoy ourselves #summer

After months of not really fretting and almost kind of caring I came to June 18th with basically the same body I had in January. I barely worked out. I barely made it over to the par to run. I went out and played kickball once. That was it. But that wasn’t enough to stop me from going. My bikini covered my illegal bits and I was ok with that.


The great thing about blogging is that you accumulate a lot of stuff that you might not have thought of buying. When it was time to go to the beach, I had bronzing sunscreen lotion, a sunscreen from Elemis that was lightweight enough to wear under makeup, cooling spray, some Aveda water bottles, some sandals, a bikini and a massive bag to cart my stuff in. Anchors are supposed to be in this year, so I was way ahead of the curve 2 years ago. The only thing in this photo that I paid money for were the sunglasses, and they were $2.

I threw on my dashiki and actually put on makeup and some cheap sunglasses. I bought this straw fedora last year, and funnily enough, the straw fedora was also a trend at the beach this weekend. I wore my red nite Milton John Anchor bracelet ($45) for old times sake. I still remember how excited I was when it came in the mail from Sweden. The sun was the perfect temperature, humidity was nonexistent, and life was just perfect.


It was amazing. The first time going to the beach with other people in years. The first time in years being relaxed and not feeling like I had to record every minute. I wasn’t spoiling my good time by worrying about social media. And it was the first time just feeling like if other people have something to say about the way I look, that’s on them. I’m not a fashion model. I felt super comfortable in my body, just chilling and feeling the sun on my (sunscreened) skin. Just being.

I’m really glad I went.

xoxo, Faith/Sassy Ethnic Bohemian


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