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Review: Hair and scalp treatments from Pura D’or and IT Haircare #hair

I got a chance to try some new haircare products recently and was kind of excited about writing about them. Even though I throw on a wig or a hairpiece from time to time, my real hair is super important to me. I don’t use relaxers or anything because I like the texture and I also like keeping my hair on my head. I’ve seen way too many women with damaged hair and scalps from overzealous use of relaxers and straightening treatments.  So whatever I use on my hair has to be good quality.


I got these Pura D’or hair products at the Beautypress event and couldn’t wait to try them. I have a dry, flakey scalp and I cannot lie. I’m always looking for ways to get rid of the flakes without drying my hair. The Scalp & Dandruff Therapy shampoo  ($14.99) contains tea tree, peppermint and lavender oils  and argan oil and patchouli oil. Why? To help calm an itchy scalp, as well as nourishing and moisturizing. You work the shampoo into a rich lather and leave on for a tingly 2 or 3 minutes. Along with all these fragrant oils, there’s a drop of cedarwood, so your head smells amazing and you get a hit of aromatherapy while the shampoo is working. I’ve been using it since the event May 18 to June 13th) and have noticed fewer flakes.

After rinsing the fragrant suds away, smooth on a handful of Healing conditioner ($15). It also features lavender oil, as well as coconut protein, vanilla and argan oil. Slather it on, maybe snap a shower cap over your head to keep all that softening goodness where you want it. It only takes two minutes, and it really does leave hair softer. Trust me, as someone with tightly coiled hair, if a conditioner works I’ll be the first to know. I’ve let it air dry and it was still soft. Definitely more manageable when I’m plaiting my hair.

So fewer flakes on the scalp, and softer shinier hair to braid up. Win win.

I just got the IT Haircare 12-in-One Amazing Leave-In Treatment ($11.46) and had to mess wit it fr a few days before reviewing. The first time I sprayed it on dry hair pre-braiding. I was instantly bewitched by the fresh, sweet scent. The next time, I washed and conditioned my hair (see products above) and the spritzed 12-in-one all over, then blow dried. Softer, but also thicker. I had no problem working this diffuser attachment through my hair.

12-in-one works to protects from heat styling, split ends and breakage, and restores natural body (that explains my nice puffy afro). It’s also infused with Abyssinion Oil for silky hair, and that’s perfect for my thirsty coils.  I used a curling iron on a section of my hair, to see if there was any difference, there was a subtle sheen, and the curl stayed in place nicely. Still soft, so maybe I’ll use my curling iron a little more this summer.

xoxo, Faith/Sassy Ethnic Bohemian


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