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Review: new product spa night with Eve Milan and Ahava #beauty

This was a big week. Mercury in retrograde messed up the mail sector of my life and I spent weeks looking for packages, which never happens to me. One such package was the Beautypress Blogger Box. I was checking the mailbox every day and was in despair until, yes!, I got an email that it was found.


The box had been traveling in limbo due to a transposition of numbers in my address. It finally made it back to the beginning and rather than chance any other mishaps, I went to pick it up myself.

At long last, the box was mine!!!


So worth the wait! There was IT Haircare‘s 12-in-One Amazing Leave in Treatment, Ahava‘s Dead Sea Plants Firming Body Cream and Dead Sea Crystal Osmoter X6 anti-aging serum, and Jouviance‘s Glyco Laser 5 soft peel night cream. They also packed in 2 Eve Milan New York lace facial masques and a jar of Innarah‘s rich VenoDefense Treatment Cream. A mouthwatering assortment of products to try, and soooo hard to pick the first one.

Any excuse for a spa night is ok with me, so I grabbed my nail supplies, created a fruit/honey/water mocktail and re-created the coffee sugar scrub. And made sure to prop my chromebook on the sink so that I could keep bingeing on Boardwalk Empire in the tub. Cozy.

I decided that I could not wait to try the Eva Milan lacial masque, it was too intriguing. Unlike most sheet masques, this one makes you look like something out of a Gaga video instead of a serial killer film. After scrubbing with Jouviance’s Exfoliant cleanser ($22), I smoothed on the Moisturizing and Repairing Lacial masque ($52),  right before sliding into the tub. It’s thick, and gelid and the package contains so much serum that you have to hold it over the foil envelope for a moment to keep from dripping everywhere. On the website they recommend placing the unopened masque packet in hot water for  5 minutes to enhance product absorption, kind of like when men get a hot towel on the face after a shave.

I left the masque on for about half an hour (you only need 20 minutes), while I did other things and then rubbed in the leftover serum and relaxed in the tub for another 40 minutes. My skin felt impossibly smooth, like doll skin.


It might have been overkill, but I also smoothed on a few drops of Ahava’s Dead Sea Crystal Osmoter X6 anti-aging serum ($74). Well, it’s really an extra strength wrinkle fighter that’s supposed to give skin a glowing firmness. I applied it after my bath and before bed, and then after washing my face the next morning. Between the masque and the serum my skin had a softness that didn’t feel oily or greasy, just silky. After I washed up, I went to the store and a random man (pretty good looking, too) stopped me to tell me that I had a gorgeous complexion. I was wearing overalls, a drab grey t-shirt and a scarf wrapped over my hair and no makeup, so it wasn’t like I was dressed to attract attention. My radiant skin was doing the work all by itself.

So thumbs up on that product.

xoxo, Faith/Sassy Ethnic Bohemian


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