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in which we go to the Rubin Museum for Altar Everything #art


Spring has sprung, weather we have a few grey days or not. It’s time to get out there and see what the world is looking like after all that winter! In spite of not having a date, I realized that while romance is nice, what I’m really after is socializing. I just want to hang out, grab a drink and have some fun. I also don’t want to think too hard about getting dressed. I pulled together a basic spring look that included an essential piece you need for summer 2016, the denim skirt. The rose gold Richmond watch from Henry London was my fanciest accessory. 20160422_181629

This one is by Boom Boom and goes perfectly with these Cat Footwear Squander boots that I got last year. The dark wash denim played well with the cornflower blue of the Southern Tide button down, and yellow LL Bean belt. I thought I would feel more self conscious, but it just felt fun.

We all met up in the K-2 Lounge, which is part of the museum, and it was so fun to just have a beer and talk. I feel like I put too much pressure on myself to date, which is kind of isolating because it’s just two people. Just chilling out and laughing was liberating.

After everyone had gotten acquainted, we all trooped upstairs to see the Genesis Breyer P-Orridge exhbit, Altar Everything.  It’s a very downtown, East Village type of show, very Warhol, avant garde. It’s a bit more fashion-y than the usual meditative art that you find at the Rubin. It’s way more conscious of itself. The only meditation is how to shock people. There were displays of I think used tampons and pieces of cloth that are allegedly bloodied. I wasn’t there when they were made, so I’m not willing to say that’s what they are. The title is a play on the word ‘alter’ as we also examine body modification within the show. There’s an interactive element, as well. Museum goers donated small objects to be displayed in canisters that were set into the walls.


I admit that this tiny Statue of Liberty was my favorite. I’m sentimental that way.

After the museum, some people headed over to the Hollywood Diner. I used my portion control system and had a bowl of French onion soup (mozzarella cheese version, just as delish). Everyone else was having monster burger platters. It was so fun. Everyone was telling really crazy stories and it was cool to just be myself and not worry about if I was being pretty or charming enough. It was my evening to spend and I think I made a good choice in the people I hung out with.


xoxo, Faith/Sassy Ethnic Bohemian


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