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Weekly Photo Challenge: Admiration


This morning I went over to water Pansy, a seedling that I got a year ago, and she had put forth her first bud. Yesterday I had hovered over her with the mister and asked why no flowers. I know it’s weird, but this morning…there it was. Either I hadn’t looked properly or Pansy had actually heard me.


I admire Pansy’s slow road to maturity. Its been a year since she arrived in a cardboard planter. I had gone to a Summer Streets (all alone…that was the month of my failed meetup group) and the New York Botanical Garden was giving away plants. See how tiny she was? I looked up how to take care of her and made sure she had a nice bright window to live in front of. A year later, after lots of water, buying soil and repotting her, turning her, and talking to her a little bud shoots p and I’m ecstatic.

I admire Pansy, and I admire myself for taking care of her.


xoxo, Faith/Sassy Ethnic Bohemian


7 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Admiration”

    1. There’s Violet, who’s the oldest, Pansy, and Succy…the succulent I bought on a whim. I’very never had the time or the place to have plants. I heard it’s good for them, and it’s most awesome for me.


  1. That is so sweet. I talk to my plants everyday… wish them good morning when I wake up and ask them how they are doing while watering them. I have also sung to them at times (no, I am not crazy) … just that they are living beings and I am sure they don’t take well to being ignored!

    1. They grow better that way. And, to be honest, I know ‘talk therapy’ works because I used to tell stories to sick cats when I volunteered at an animal shelter. I cleaned their cages and tried to make them feel better. When a particularly shy cat walked up to me and looked me in the face, I knew it was worth something. It’s more crazy not to talk!🌞

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