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Fitness: Interview with Jerry L. Butler, Rugged Maniac #EnergemsSpotlight

I have been working with Energems to create Spotlight interviews for their Buzz section, and while I’ve had some great subjects, Jerry L. Butler is actually my favorite. He’s all about the positive and getting your weight down without killing or shaming yourself. He has some killer tips for how you can max fitness goals. Check it out…

Screenshot 2016-04-15 at 9.33.14 AM

40 year old Jerry L. Butler has a new secret weapon: Energems. An avid runner, he uses the dark chocolate, vitamin B and D infused energy supplements to boost his energy for lunchtime workouts and obstacle driven races like the Rugged Maniac. The South Carolina native took the time to tell Energems about his personal weight loss journey, running through fire, and how all of us can incorporate exercise into our daily lives.

Q: How did you get started doing things like Rugged Maniac?

A: In 2004 I was strapping, I needed to drop some weight. And so I just started walking, then walking became a trot and then became just jogging. The reason I started to do the mud races was just to change the dynamics of doing just a straight 3,1 mile race. Rugged Maniac is geared for everybody, as you do it at your own pace. They try to make it taxing, but still you enjoy the race and all the elements of it.

Q: Some of these obstacles look impossible! Like the Anti-gravity? What is that?

A: Last year that came near the end of the event. It was a new obstacle. At that point, you’re already tired, you don’t want to jump anymore. For that one, I believe you came over a pond, and had to jump over ropes to land on a trampoline to reach another rope. I mis-timed it, but I still landed moderately ok. But again, you do it at your own pace.

Read the rest of my interview with Jerry (including practical exercise tips) here at Energems Spotlight.


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