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Product Review: Bodipure Keratin gloves and socks #youneedthese


I am obsessed with taking care of my hands and feet. Anyone that’s read my Zombiefoot Makeover post   knows that I will stop at no lengths to get the feet ready for summer. I heard about Bodipure Keratin Gloves and Socks and immediately wanted to try them out. Why? I love the idea of home treatments that are economical, and easy. Why go crazy trying to pay spa fees if you can do it at home?


I had the chance to get the two in one sample that contains both the gloves and socks. I recommend that option, because whey have crusty feet and smooth hands or vice versa?


This is what’s in the sock packet. I want to say something gross and sophomoric, but I won’t. Because I’m a grown-up.

Basically you smooth the lightweight plastic gloves on and start massaging the vegetable based emulsion into your skin and nails. There’s a lot in there, too, Bodipure is not stingy. The formula they use is self-activating, so once you put the gloves and socks on, you’re done. They use 100% active vegetable ingredients that come from renewable sources, so that’s a huge plus. And you can still use your devices while wearing the gloves.

I actually put on regular gloves and socks over the treatment ones and slept in them. I added plastic bags with the socks, so that I could feel comfy walking around and not be paranoid that the Bodipure plastic sock would burst. My hands are exactly what I wanted. No dead skin on the palms, and the backs of my hands feel smooth and soft. The same with my feet. I am probably going to invest in a box. This at home treatment is comparable to the paraffin treatments I used to get at bliss.

You can purchase Keratin gloves and socks separately for $5.99 per pack, or grab up the combination packet for $9.98 at




9 thoughts on “Product Review: Bodipure Keratin gloves and socks #youneedthese”

    1. nothing will happen if you already have polish on? but the treatment is more aimed towards skin softening and mani/pedi prep. believe me, when you see your brand new looking hands & feet, you will want to apply brand new looking polish. #worthit

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