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Yes!!! My first post is on Links a la Mode!! #famous

Links à la Mode, March 3

Spring is still a few weeks away, but for those of you already basking in warmer weather, it’s hard to hold back the reigns on the Spring wardrobe. And oh the disappointment when winter crashes back again after a few days {weeks} of teaser weather.

While many of this week’s posts focus on softer color palettes, mini skirts, and off-the-shoulder looks, IFB Bloggers are also sharing the best ways to dress in all black. Also prevalent is denim in double duty—when a fashion no-no feels oh-so-right.

There are also some plus size petite bloggers to meet, lessons in catwalk hair, sage advice on creating a minimal wardrobe, a taste of the Oscar’s, and Gucci. One blogger posted using Medium this week. Has anyone else used this medium to put their ideas out there? Very interesting. Check it out. Entertainment reviews were also a favorite. Take your pick… music, film, or a book—such a combination of posts this week.

So, for those of you still in the thick of winter, put on some warm weather music and read through the travel posts from this go around. They have you visiting Lantau Island and Africa.

Links à la Mode, March 3

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