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Beauty: Testing the Wilma SchumanHydra-Gel Masque


I got a box of these Wilma Schumann Hydra Gel Masques back in December and finally got around to trying one. This is the aloe vera version. I was prepping to go out and I was hoping to soothe a spot that threatened to come up.


My first concern was the wasteful packaging, since it comes flat in a plastic tray. Its also kind of thick. I smoothed it on my face and wore it for an hour through get ready bathtime. I took a selfie with the masque on, but it looked way too weird so I’m not posting that.


I was sort of thinking that the masque might be something that dissolves, but after you’re done you still have the custardy, plasticky substance left to throw away. I didn’t really see any improvement. I admit to preferring the Sulwhasoo Snowise Ex Brightening Mask, SK II Brightening Derm REvival Mask, and tried and true Origins Clear Improvement charcoal mask.

If you’d like to try one for yourself, email me at I’ll mail one out to the first person that responds.

xoxo, Faith/Sassy Ethnic Bohemian




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