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in which we finally tackle that Holiday Gift Guide #finally

1It is really happening. Whether you celebrate holidays or just bah humbug your way through life, at this time of year everyone is looking for some kind of present.

I mean, you knew this was coming. We all did. But here it is the 21st and between school, work, or just being ornery you’re doing the last minute thing. I get it. But guess what? It’s winter, it’s cold, and the rest of us want to celebrate something so stop procrastinating and join in! You don’t have to be of their faith to be generous or to accept a gift given wholeheartedly.

Someone somewhere will think of you fondly and give you eggnog with liquor in it for your troubles. Or a hug.

Get ready:

1aGive yourself a present first- decorate. You don’t have to spend a lot or do a lot, it’s not about going overboard or stressing. But all this stuff at the store is a way to end off holiday gloom. Get into it!

2I went to the discount and bought about $10 worth of stuff and put a little around my place. It brightened things up, and got me in the mood to think about this Holiday Gift Guide. I don’t have a tree because that’s more than I want to do.

2aIf I had a tree, it would look like this.

Now that you have a holiday environment, sit down and think about what you want to give. Luckily, I compiled a list of suggestions.


j wearables

  1. Everybody needs a hat in the winter. This fuzzy Pom Spacecap is from Kangol, but look around to build presents around beanies, baseball caps- whatever you think they like.
  2. You cannot go wrong with an umbrella. It may not seem fancy, but when it’s snowing or raining they will thank you. I got this one at Uniqlo, but you could always look at places like  the MOMA Design Store for more fancy types.
  3. If you randomly know someone’s shoe size, you can buy a pair for them like these Colorado Boots from Cat Footwear; but otherwise a gift card to DSW (or Saks Fifth Ave if you’re flush) will put some people in a good mood that lasts for months.

ia wearablesI have never heard of or seen a tarby collar in my life until I got this one from Harris Tweed at an event. It is so cute! It’s a scarf you button!!! You can order one from Rare Bird Designs, and it’s $49 USD. Also? Harris Tweed also has a collection with Banana Republic right now.

i wearables

  1. Buy some cheap jewelry. Hit up some place like Claire’s or Charming Charlie’s  and fill a bag with fun stuff.
  2. I designed this swirly $24 Hearts v-neck tee, so I’m partial to it. It’s basically like wearing love. I think tshirts or sweatshirts are awesome gifts for Christmas, because even though people claim to hate basic people you still see tees and sweats on the runways.
  3. I have been wearing this Milton John Red Nite bracelet, and wholheartedly endorse it as a gift. It’s technically for men, but whatevs. It’s minimalist style and adds a zip of color to cheer you up on grey days.

Official Splurge:

k wearablesI am also endorsing this Ettinger Red Notecase Purse ($300) with four credit card pockets for a splurge present. The smooth leather holds a saturated splash of color,both inside and out and it will last for years.

l wearablesSame thing for their card case/wallets (start at $147). They are elegantly discreet ways of carrying cash and credit cards, stamped with the Ettinger name, and carrying the cachet of their Royal Warrant.


la tech

  1. Give them a charger, but make it fun. This Power Tap charger from Thumbs Up UK! has the added value of being shaped like a faucet, which actually turns on and off. It’s just a more fun way to do something mundane.
  2. A travel charger can save your life, and this one from Panasonic ($59.99) has never let me down. I love this Touch Mini-Boombox smartphone speaker (also from Thumbs Up UK!). It has been in constant use since I received it for review.
  3. On my personal wishlist for 2016 is a Chromebook. I like from HP. It looks like it may be hard to get, but if you can get one- it’s a great economical gift that’s practical.


g skincare

  1. I loved getting these Kesh Beauty Argan oils ( $40) over the summer. The bottle are super pretty, they come in light scents like Orange Blossom and Rose, and you can use it in the bath, as a body moisturizer, on your nails, and in your hair. They have a sampler gift pack for $25, too.
  2. Skin Authority packages a full sized bottle of their Oil Nutrient Composite with their Moisturizing Mist to form the Holiday Essentials DUO ($50), packaged in a sweet pouch and including a skincare free sample.

h skincareThis Aveda’s A Gift To Melt Away Stress ($69) really works. You can cleanse your body with the stress-fix creme cleansing oil, then slather the body creme from neck to toe. Light the soy wax candle and drift on a wave of relaxation. AND it’s already wrapped! It comes nestled in tissue paper inside of a Nepalese kofta bark paper box. Can’t miss with this, and it’s unisex.

f skincare

  1. Want to just stuff a stocking? You can try tucking on of these excellent eye creams in a little gift bag with candy and a card. Go Pure Youth Glow Eye Gel is $15.95 worth of eye area pampering and soothing. AnneMarie Boerlind Eye Wrinkle Cream ($32.99) is recommended for people as young as 20 to soften lines around the eyes. Tata Harper Restorative Eye Creme ($90)  is an all natural serum. My take on giving eye cream is that people send time staring into screens and squinting at videos on phones. It’s not just about appearance, but comfort. Eye creams can be really soothing after a long day.
  2. La Roche-Posay’s 40th Anniversary Gift Box is a $50 value with a $19.99 price tag. It contains samples of their most popular products in one gift-sized, easily wrapped box. I know it’s a hot item because I did a giveaway and the competition was fierce. (BTW find out who won here)
  3. During Winter, we hydrate. Your body needs water and your skin needs moisture. If you have combination skin, this AnneMarie Borlind Combnation Skin Night Cream ($48.99) works as you sleep, so great fr relief after days running around in cold wind. Ishga Anti-Oxidant Marine Face Cream ($105) is a high-end dry skin solution that contains Hebridean seaweed and spring water to soften. Equitance offers a Hydrating Brightening Cream ($70) to restore radiance as it moisturizes.

e skincareAnything by Tata Harper. Like just anything. Really. that green box is goals for some people. And I speak for myself when I say that everything that I’ve tried from them worked. They also have gift sets.


e hair

  1. I actually Phyto Paris recc’d this gift set last year and still think it’s a great gift, especially last minute because you can buy it at drug stores. I wish I could find the link directly to the gift set, though!!!
  2. Colorproof has packaged their Crazy Smooth Shampoo and conditioner (with a free Weightless Wicked Good Shine spray) in one Glam Squad box.

c hair

  1. This 1″ Professional X-Long ($29.99) heats up super fast, creates 24 hour curls, is 2 inches longer than most curling irons and comes with a heat glove. Can be used on weave hair (just letting you know).
  2. This is brand new- a brush that’s a dryer from Revlon. The Revlon Pro One Step Hair Dryer and Styler ($49.99) is a thoughtful gift that might get that perpetually tardy beauty queen out the door in record time.
  3. The Sarah Potempa S1 Beachwaver is a hot item that beauty mavens are willing to pay top dollar for. Surprise someone on your list with the $129 rotating ceramic curling iron (which was used behind the scenes on the VS Fashion Show).

d hairStuff that stocking (or pad out a last minute gift) with little beauty samples and tools. Pureology’s Colour Fanatic Hair Mask , Revlon XL Elastics and Revlon Double Grip Clips and CurlKeeper Original  are sweetly affordable products to give.


b makeup

  1. Designed to delight, the Gift of Twinkling Eyes gift compact from Aveda ($35)  combines four petal essence eye shadows and a blush. in a tiny Nepalese kofta bark box. And it has instructions for how to create a perfect holiday look.
  2. Tata Harper Voluminizing Lip & Cheek Tint ($35). I’m not going to say anymore. You know how I feel. My shade is Very Naughty and I swear by it…
  3. If lip contouring is her thing (and we know it’s a thing these days) get her the Bellapiere Lip Contouring Kit ($75). It contains every product neccessary to create the perfect lip. And buying it won’t break the internet.

artis brush mirror oval 4Whether individually boxed or purchased in a set Artis Brushes are hot, hot, hot with the makeup set. Shop these brushes from the Elite Mirror Collection. They’re so pretty, right?

artis 1 fluentaIf black is more her speed, there’s the Artis Fluenta Collection, presented in back velvet.

artis 1 careIf they already have brushes, then the Cleaning Pad and solution will come in handy, not to mention this darling quilted brush pouch.


i nailsDrugstores are so full of Christmas treasures, it’s insane. A gift bag full of Sinful Polish is a sweet, colorful gesture. Most drugstores carry fake nails and Kiss Products impress nails are another way of sharing beauty for the holidays.  If they don’t like cheaper polishes or are allergic, you can get fancy and order them Kure Bazaar  eco-friendly polishes ($16 each).

Home/Housewarming:m homeFor someone creative with a new (or old) space to decorate, get them the Stencil 1 stencils. Great for creatives and project oriented types who love learning and experimenting. You can also find the supplies you need right on the site.

o foodAnything food related you can find on Food 52. Top quality cookware, utensils, books and food items all in one handy place.

n homeThis adorable little bulldog is a movie star. For dog lovers and Bond fans, Jack the Bulldog from Spectre ($100) is a symbol of resilience and strength under fire.


p diyJust make something. Cookies, cake, soup. Make a drawing. It doesn’t take much to make something simple look fancy, and you’re probably more creative than you think.

Last resort:

Money or gift cards.

I also wanted to note that if you’re gifting people with online items, maybe just giving them a card with a note that their present is on the way will suffice. It lets them know that you thought of them, got something personal and that they have more to look forward to after Christmas Day.

Happy Holidays and all that!

xoxo, Faith/Sassy Ethnic Bohemian









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