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in which we go to Will Leather Goods for a holiday party (and make quiche)

will1I think at this point, you guys know the drill- open email box, find invitation, think if it’s cool or not, RSVP. This one was for a sweet little holiday party at Will Leather Goods in the chic Soho are of Manhattan. I was already going into the city to see Home Alone, so this was a bonus.

What? It’s the 25th Anniversary! Also, I have never seen Home Alone all the way through or on a big screen.

will2Will Leather Gods has a sweet little store that reflects the brand’s Oregon roots.will4will5will6They laid out a lovely spread with cheese, charcuterie, and a live oyster bar. I was bellying up to the bar for  Tin Cup whiskey cocktail, when I noticed that they detail oriented decor included braided leather trim on the counter.

will3aThe merchandise was just as appetizing. they have duffel bags, dopp kits, purses…will7Footballs, soccer balls, boxing gloves, wallets, wine carriers, coasters… will8And they have colored leather, which is lovely and fun and modern.

will92I really liked the leather goods that utilized Oaxacan wool rugs. Distinctive, original and a great gift for someone you adore. will91will9They also offer monogramming, so you can personalize your gift or personal indulgence. If you’re in new York, I’d definitely stop by. Not just for Christmas gifts. I mean, they’re open all year round. Don’t be a stranger.

As a parting gift, everyone that attended the party got these great leather handled carryalls. It doesn’t have pockets or anything, but it’s cool. I put all my stuff into it immediately and walked down to 14th Street to see my movie. Afterwards I bought a bottle of Pinot Project pinot noir and ate the quiche that I had made earlier in the day. Yes, I made quiche- you can too! Here’s a tip: quiche is scrambled eggs in a pie crust. Remember that.

This particular quiche helped me use up a pint of pimiento cheese that I had made. I added four eggs, about 8 ounces of ham, two handfuls of chopped spinach, one cup of milk and half a cup of Greek yogurt (the recipe was for fresh cream, but I didn’t have any). I topped it with cornbread crumbs that I had been saving for just such an occasion. I bought the pie crusts at the store because I didn’t feel like making dough from scratch.

I had enough filling for two pies. The oven was preheated to 375 degrees and I baked them for 35 minutes. Make sure you put a cookie sheet under them. My oven isn’t that big, so I put one quiche on the cookie sheet on the bottom rack and put the other quiche directly above it. Halfway through I switched their positions so that they cooked the same.

It was delicious. I dare you to try it!

Next up: Skincare Roundup

xoxo, Faith/SassyEthnicBohemian




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