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in which we discover Tresor Rare skincare and think about Charming Charlie’s

tresorcc2So after I left the Beauty 20 awards, I strolled down 5th Avenue just enjoying NYC. Which is easy on 5th Avenue. I saw this kooky display outside of a store and stopped to snap it and the a saleslady swooped out with some teeny, tiny samples. So of course we started talking and that’s when I found out that a little tiny store can sell super expensive stuff. tresorcc3This sliver of a store is called Skin Supreme NY and it’s on 5th near 38th, almost in the middle of the block. The lady gave me some samples,  which I took, and then she was telling me about her product. She asked me what I do and I shamefacedly let her know that I was a beauty blogger and usually get products for free. She said that the prodcts in the store were really, really expensive- so of course I had to go look. tresorcc6Um, $1699 for face cream? Oh, snap. tresorcc5I don’t know if the products are real or not, they seem to have rubbed a lot of people the wrong way on Yelp? But the packaging was nice.

I kept walking just luxuriating in being in the city on a not too cold fall evening with all the hustle and shine that NYC has at certain times. I still love Brooklyn, but the city can be a shot of adrenaline.tresorcc7After a few blocks I came to Charming Charlie’s, all decorated and merchandised for Christmas. And I was like…that bag!!! tresorcc8I remembered the last time I had been there and the tons of amazing stuff they had on display. I’m not the big fast fashion fan, but I am strongly considering shopping there. A. Such cute stuff. B. It’s an American company, built from the ground up in Texas.

So I guess I’m saying try Charming Charlie’s if you just HAVE to be all fast-fashiony. Because I don’t like any other fast fashion company, lol!

Next up: Haircare roundup!!! New products, new tools- new you!


xoxo, Faith/SassyEthnicBohemian









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