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in which we attend the Innocos Beauty Digital Conference and Beauty 20 Awards

After the exciting GREAT Britain on Madison breakfast at The British Consul’s Residence, I dropped my brand new Ettinger card case in my bag, patted my lips with a snowy white napkin, and dashed off to learn more about what’s making the beauty industry tick.innocos1
I arrived just as the Cosmetics that Communicate: Personalized, Dynamic Consumer Engagement with Thinfilm’s NFC OpenSense Smart Sensor Technology discussion was starting. Patty Britton, VP of North America Sales and Business Development at Thin Film was talking about ways that technology is expanding the reach of companies that utilize their new NFC OpenSense smart sensor tags.innocos1aBasically, they’ve created a labeling technology that can communicate deals to a customer, and also let a brand know if items have been tampered with or stolen. The point is to extend the reach of the brand’s supply chain, so that they can effectively follow the product right into your hand (or wherever it may have ended up).

This affects you because from the moment you decide to purchase something, the brand can now interact with you directly via the label, should you choose to scan it. And it saves scads of dollars because theft costs companies more money than implementing these new labels.innocos2A new gadget named OKU is beginning to enter the market, and it will be of great interest to beauty enthusiasts. You hold it up to your skin and it measures the health of your skin. OKU looks inside and underneath skin to identify problems. Rahul Mehendale, CEO, mySkin Inc, is a firm believer in data collection and analysis and says that the technology for the device was found while searching for a way to detect melanomas.

A major hit was the beauty retailers panel. It was about Engaging the Customer: Essential Rules for Delivering an Exemplary Customer Experience in Beauty. The panel consisted of Jessica Richards, Owner of SHEN Beauty, Ian Ginsberg, President of C.O.Bigelow Apothecaries, Sourab Sharma of FIGorout, and Jennifer Tidy, VP Partnerships at Modiface. The spirited group pondered and discussed how to keep customers happy and spending.innocos5The consensus was that online beauty shopping isn’t working, because women want to try tings out and test the. That’s the training, so people want t keep doing it. A surprising fact came from Mr. Ginsberg revealed that people come into C. O. Bigelow throughly confused by vlogger tutorials. I personally can’t stand watching makeup videos, so I was gratified to find out that they don’t really work. I was also shocked when a panelist said that the Sephora experience ‘sucked’. Whoa.

The vew that the retail experience needs to be simplified was agreed upon by all. The Apple store was cited, with the main idea being that retail needs to slow down and chill out. There was a kerfuffle over airport presence, with most, like Ms. Richards of SHEN Beauty nixing the idea of an airport store. I put forth the idea that a crowd of people stuck in Paris or Canada on a layover might be the perfect market. So if you see any of these people open airport sores that was all my idea.

The thrust of all the panel discussions was that people ae looking to engage, and delight- but in my opinion they’re over-thinking, over-analyzing and driving themselves nuts. People do what they want. And at the end of the day, after all the thinking and analyzing you could end up with nothing. I think retailers need to look into just selling things they believe in, keeping overhead low enough that they can shrug if items don’t work out. You can predict a whole bunch of things, and then everyone goes out and buys Beanie Babies or hoverboards instead of your stuff and you’re like…why?

innocos7After that energetic exchange there was food from Dish Food NYC and drinks, and then we settled down for the InnoCos Digital Beauty 20 Awards. I met one of the nominees, who happened to be an expert on cool New York (Lower East Side, 80s) one of my favorite topics.  He was nominated for best app for ShadeScout. You can sample a color and the app finds a makeup product that matches. I love!

innocos9Last year, the awards debuted and bloggers announced the different categories. This year, it got super simple. Irina Kremlin of Global Cosmetics beauty did the honors in a fitted black cape jacket and slim cut pants. The biggest winner of the night was Mary Kay, racking up three awards, including Best Youtube Channel. Each winner gave a ‘five words or less’ acceptance speech.innocos8Here’s a list of the Beauty20 2015 winners (and their speeches):

Best Facebook: Mary Kay “Sharing is in our DNA”
Best Pinterest: Mary Kay ” Pin it to win it”
Best Instagram: Bath & Body Works “Thanks for making fragrance fun”
Best App: Sephora to go “App domination since 2010”
Best Youtube Channel: Mary Kay “You can play that again”
Best e-Commerce Website: Sephora “Vegas store launched in 99”
Best Beauty Startup: eSalon “Thank you very much”
Best Technology: JeNu “Its pronounced genou. Thank you”
Best Beauty Brand Online: Sally Hansen “Thankful #sallyhansenthanksyou #staypolished”

Irina is already gearing up for the next awards ceremony in 2016. They’ll be landing in London first this February, and hen in LA. Go to to vote.


Next up: discovering a new skin care collection and thinking about Charming Charlies

xoxo, Faith/SassyEthnicBohemian


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