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YES!!!! We are on IFB Network’s Links a la Mode! #cuzwerock

Links à la Mode, October 22

Confession. I was seduced… by 38 posts this go round. 38! And as seduction would have it, my head was spinning trying to reduce that number to the standard 20. Many of you confessed your own seductions, which ran the gamut. Fall boots, an intriguing invitation, a city, a country, a seductive look of years past… and by Fashion in general.

Trends seducing IFB Bloggers right now are culottes {Never thought seducing and culottes would be in the same sentence, but there you have it}, cropped sweatshirts and sweaters, flannel, burgundy and mustard hues, and saddle bags to name a few.

Other themes of seduction included New York Comic-Con, photography tips, lessons on a couple decades, how to get an internship, history of one of the most seductive shoes, Halloween costuming and… a cocktail. There were also two thought provoking posts on diversity within the fashion and blogging worlds.

Now, just so I’m clear on the subject, where do you think seduction ends and stalking begins? I can only conclude from reviewing A Handful of Stories post that the gloves come off for seduction and stay on for stalking.

Links à la Mode, October 22

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