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NYFW: Givenchy opens its NYFW show to nobodies

The walls of the exclusive fashion world may be crumbling permanently. Ricardo Tisci helmed couture house, Givenchy, has offered up tickets to the public for the NYFW show. The usual tactic is to mail or email invitations only to the select, and of course not receiving one can be devastating. An invitation to an exclusive show is akin to being knighted or receiving an Oscar. The exhilaration of being included in the upper circles is the reward. So what does it mean if Joe Schmoe from down the block can saunter in as well?

givenchy1At 10 am on September 2nd, there were 820 tickets offered to anyone who signed up at, there were also 280 tickets set aside for the fashion hopefuls: students and faculty of schools like  Parsons, Pratt and FIT, and a further 100 tickets set aside for residents of the area near the upcoming event. The date was one that is very special to New Yorkers, 9/11. The public guests were be in a raised area, separate from industry people but able to see the show. Is this the new future of fashion shows?

givenchy2With ‘luxury’ brands regularly doing capsule collections for fast fashion outlets, isn’t it only fair to let the regular shopping public in on the spectacle? givenchy92Since most people have blogs and social media streams, it couldn’t be the worst thing to ever happen in the scope of world history. And since shows from LFW, PFW, NYFW etc are instantly broadcast everywhere, there’s no real reason to bother with all the exclusivity and secrecy. givenchy91It’s a pretty thing for outsiders to see. The sets, the models, the makeup, the sheer spectacle of it all. The next day, you’d be walking around knowing that you saw something spectacular that lifts the veil and shows you a glimmering alternate reality. givenchy9Even if it’s a weird, nightmarish reality. Most people won’t be into the facemasks and big diamantes glued to the skin, but the dress itself opens a new way of looking at clothing. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if people were inspired to sew? givenchy93

If you didn’t get in, live too far away or maybe didn’t even know about it, you can see the show at, or on youtube.

Next up: backstage with Aveda at Osklen and Tibi

xoxo, Faith/Sassy Ethnic Bohemian



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