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The Meetup Adventure: in which someone finally RSVP’s for a meetup and we go to Coney Island


Summer is almost over and  came the day that I realized that what I wanted more than anything was to get a group together to go to the beach. I ended up with like, 1 person, but that’s enough. I just didn’t want to have to shift around all by myself. I did that once and it was ok, but it wasn’t amazing.

ci2At first I got all obsessed over what to wear- which freaked me out. I like blogging, but I’ve never been one to obsess over style. You wear what you like, put it together how you want and go. So I finally got over myself and put together what I consider the perfect beach outfit– tshirt and jorts. The t-shirt is my fave Victoria Bay one from Citizen Ciao ($28), the jorts are homemade. I wore this over my Ami Clubwear floral high-waisted retro bikini and finished off with my Cat Footwear Squander boots. The scarf was for my headwrap and the straw hat was for shade. Ready!

ci3Since I actually had to meet someone there, I opted for makeup, but I didn’t want to get crazy. I used Makeup Forever’s Aquamatics waterproof Glide-on Eyeshadow pencil in S-60 all over the eyelid and over the browbone. Then I highlighted the browbone with Aveda’s Petal Essence eyeshadow in  Golden Cypress. I smudged Makeup Forever’s Aquamatics waterproof Glide-on Eyeshadow pencil in Diamond Black around my eys for definition and finished off with Susan Posnick  ColorCoated mascara. Cheeks got a little Makeup Forever HD Blush, then I ran some Pro Bronze Fusion around key areas and finished my face with a deep plum lipgloss used as a stain. It doesn’t completely cover up a month of no sleep, but you do what you can.

I packed the beach bag with Australian Gold SPF 15 Lotion with Kona Bronzers, Red Door Spa Professional Olive & Mint Cooling Lotion, and Derma E Vitamin E Intensive Therapy Hand Cream. In hindsight I could have gone for a higher SPF but my other lotions leave white streaks and I was being vain. ci4I actually went to sleep and woke up on time, and got to Coney Island at my target time of 10 am. This beach trip was already working for me. I love how the rebuilt this station. isn’t it gorgeous?

ci5 Once my new meetup buddy arrived, we walked down to the boardwalk and I finally got my summer on. there is nothing like going to the beach, knowing that you have all day to chill and have fun. ci6And at 10 am on a Monday, it was a clear shot to a great spot by the water. ci8My meetup buddy was Logan Dobbs, who’s moved back to the city after finishing up his education in film and media out west. Like, way out west, as in Nebraska. We had a common bond since we both went to legendary specialized high school Brooklyn Tech and we’re both wanderers who don’t mind heading out into the great mysterious depths of these Unites States. ci9Thanks to Logan I have this most awesome pic of myself in my bikini. No I didn’t work the angles and yes, that is my August free for all poochy belly. I have to say this: I love how my body looks in this photo. It’s womanly, a little round n places but not sloppy. And my skin looks radiant.

Can I love myself anymore? No, not really.   ci8aThese pics are what my day at the beach felt like. I had my beach babe Dash of Flash temporary tattoos on wrist and ankle, and my sweet boho Kesh Beauty Hamsa bracelet with Swarovski crystal to ward off the evil eye and keep negativity from the best beach day ever. Since Logan was with me, I felt safe going in the water and I showed off some of my water aerobics moves. ci91I will also admit that Logan talked me into doing something that I would NOT have done on my own; ride this bigass rollercoaster. Like, really? No thank you!  ci92 Do you see this thing? Now I admit to being all brave for Slide the City at Summer Streets, but that was a straight shot down a water slide. That was no big deal. This was that thing where they rattle you around twists and turns and I could feel my tummy doing flip flops. ci93Yes. I rode this. It was $10 and when you get to the gate they’re like ‘give us your bag, glasses and flip flops’. Um…. ohhhhhkaaayyyy…. But I did it and lived. I felt as if every cell in my body had been shaken to it’s core and rearranged. I was shaky. I was…still alive. I didn’t regret it but I wasn’t going to volunter to do it again too quickly.  ci94

After that we wandered around and I took photos to share with you wonderful readers who may not live close enough to hop on a train.  ci95


ci97 Everyone loves the Wonder Wheel, a Coney Island institution. ci98

It wasn’t until I got home that I opened this map and found out that we were steps away from White Castle, which would have been the ultimate beach hangout destination. Next time I know better! Read a map! Luna Park/Coney Island isn’t huge, but it’s densely packed with stuff to do, eat, ride and see.

Here’s what I want you guys to do: take a day to relish the end of summer. Go to the beach or lake. landlocked? Find an open field. An ocean of grass and flowers is just as good. Go outside and have some fun. Go do you all day without hesitation or shame. I strongly recommend it!

Next up: Shame Series Pt 3: is my vagina stopping me from being successful?

xoxo, Faith/Sassy Ethnic Bohemian


12 thoughts on “The Meetup Adventure: in which someone finally RSVP’s for a meetup and we go to Coney Island”

    1. I think the Meetup system is awesome. If you don’t have friends, go find them! Instead of online dating, you can go out and see what’s available in person without a screen. I decided to close my group down, because I’m busy- but I think it’s an amazing idea.

      And, yeah- I love my body. I try to improve it, feed it good things, clean it, and keep it in good working order because I want to live to be over 100. However- I don’t torture myself. Why should I? No matter what I do, I’ll still be me at the end of it, so why hate myself?

      xoxo, Faith

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