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in which we talk about bronzers because everyone is half naked now

We’re past waiting for summer, hoping for summer, thinking it might be summer soon and all of that. It’s SUMMER now. Heatwave summer. Can’t stand to wear clothes but the sun will burn all my skin off summer. Bikini and boardshorts summer. Put stuff on your body and face to make it shiny summer…

Since you’re out there wearing next to nothing, make it look good. Here’s list of ways to prettify that pretty, sweaty bare skin.

Tempting temporary tattoos:gilttrip1

These are fun, and easy to put on. Dash of Flash sent over these temporary tattoos which I’ve been playing around with and getting lots of compliments on. The Arya collection ($25) symbolizes the elite woman, precious and pure. Remember that when you speak to me.

Anyway, it’s really easy to apply these. All you do is cut out the design, peel off the plastic layer, put the tattoo side against your skin and then rub the paper backing with water. Instant transfer.

The only summer related problem? You need to keep oil away from your tat. It will completely disappear.

Goldfinger: gilttrip2

Exposed summer skin looks just that much better with a little shimmer. Australian Gold’s SPF 15 lotion ($8.99) has an instant Kona coffee infused bronzer that lends depth while protection you from the sun. It’s non-greasy and absorbs quickly, doesn’t stain clothing.

A little sparkle and a whole lotta love is in this Iridescent Revitalizing Body Oil from Tata Harper ($95) which is scented with her classic Love Potion ($40) so it’s like getting a two for one deal. You shake the glass bottle vigorously to swirl the bronzer into the oil. Smooth over clean skin to create a soft glow, in addition to moisturizing your skin with arnica and apricot kernel oil, skin invigorating lipids, and calendula.

Soul glow: gilttrip3

I strongly recommend a sunscreen formulated for your face like Elemis Liquid Layer SPF 30 ($41.50) on your skin before applying makeup during the day, just to be on the safe side.

Starting from the bottom of photo 2, Makeup Forever’s Pro Bronze Fusion ($36) imparts a sweet glow that seems to emanate from within. It’s long lasting and waterproof- which basically means that you won’t sweat through it.

Laura Geller’s Blush and Brighten ($27.50) is a baked swirl of marbleized pigment that traces a path of shimmering light wherever applied. I use a little blush than apply over that.

Perfekt Beauty Body Perfection Gel ($48) is actually for body, but it’s an awesome cream that contains shea butter among other things to moisturize while adding a coat of Hollywood glamour. Smooth on legs when wearing a barely-there mini, or on arms and decolletage if going strapless.

Photo 3 are my fave beauty tools for getting glowy. The Artis Fluenta Oval 10 brush ($90) is perfect for body makeup because it’s huge, like a hairbrush. My tried and trues are these brushes from Urban Beauty United along with the baby Blender Sponge from the same company.

These brushes are shaped to work with the planes and hollows of your facial features and bones to lay down perfect makeup coverage. the Screen Preen powder brush is feather light and the most efficient way to apply blush and powder. I adore the ombre’d Glow Stick which I use for blending in concealer under my eyes. You can find them at Ulta and Amazon.

 Roadtested: gilttrip4

I’ve messed with everything in this post and was pretty ok with the results. Photo 1 is the Australian Gold Bronzer- which had a warming effect on my skin. Photo 2 is an armful of product- Tata Harper’s Iridescent Revitalizing Body Oil near the elbow, Makeup Forever HD blush highlighted by Laura Geller’s Blush and Brighten mid-forearm, and Pro Bronze Fusion on my hand.

Photo 3- the test. The Pro bronze Fusion looks ashy on me, so I have to prep my skin with Makeup Forever Step 1 Nourishing Primer mixed with  the Caramel Radiant Primer to even out my skin tone. After applying a neutral palette of makeup and some lip gloss,  I wet an Urban Beauty United Baby Blender sponge, did a figure 8 swish in the Pro Bronze Fusion and swiped over my cheekbones on my forehead and jawline. I took this photo with my usual cameraphone with the light from my window, no skin correction in Photoshop. I’m not heavy handed, and I still got an effect.

Next up: the Shame Series Part 1- am I too black to wear makeup?

xoxo, Faith/Sassy Ethnic Bohemian

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