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Product Review: in which we talk about the Samsung GearFit for the health nuts out there


Back in March, I got the Samsung GearFit and started playing with it. Since I’ve been working on losing weight and shaping up, it was definitely something that I can use. In March I was at month three of my New Year’s resolution and this gae me the means to really measure my progress and set goals for myself.

I also thought it was cute.


Once I had it figured out, I wore it every time I went to the park to work out (I had just started walking then) and I loved glancing at my wrist to see how much progress I was making and how many calories I’d burned. I could also change songs on my phone through the GearFit‘s bluetooth hookup with that device.


I also held it under a faucet for 5 minutes just to make sure it was waterproof. So if you forget to take your GearFit off after working out and jump in the shower, you’re safe.



In order to work with the GearFit effectively, you need to download the GearFit Manager app so that it can connect with your phone for information storage and things like that. Technically you can use the GearFit without doing this but why would you do that?


The phone’s screen is bigger, so that it’s easier for you to see all the cool graphic backdrops and watch interfaces. You can also arrange the GearFit‘s panels to suit yourself so that if exercise and the stopwatch are your main priorities, they can come right after the watch when you swipe.


The GearFit works with Samsung’s S Health which I started using pretty mush as soon as I got the Samsung Galaxy S5 Active. The info from your GearFit watch travels through the magic of bluetooth into the phone, so now you have a comprehensive display of your own habits. You can study and quantify yourself all day long, which I personally enjoy.

When You snap on your GearFit, you can set your exercise goals and program the music you want etc. The GearFit becomes part of the way that you keep track of your habits through S Health (like taking pics of your food, which I forget to do a lot of times). I love knowing how heart rate, how long I worked out, how fast I managed to run, and how long I’ve been asleep. It makes me happy to know that I can run 11 miles an hour and that I slept for 6 hours and was motionless for 86% of that time. It’s proof of my progress.

I just wish the GearFit could tell me if I snore.

*the GearFit is $149, and you can get it at places like BestBuy.

Next up: that time I used the Pro Beauty Tools gold curling iron

xoxo, Faith/Sassy Ethnic Bohemian


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