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in which we go look around Charming Charlie- NY’s newest fast fashion import


I was walking down Fifth Avenue and came upon a glittering temple to shopping and bargains called Charming Charlie’s. I’d seen the sign advertising that it was being built and had gotten so used to it that when I saw an actual store I was shocked.


I wandered in, because who could resist the siren song citrus colors? Everything was glittering and tidy and there was merchandise everywhere. Just tons and tons of things ready to be bought.

cc3And all of it was stuff that, as a female, you just lust after. Bracelets and sparkling gold thong sandals, and dresses and oooh handbags! All displayed in a such a way that you really don’t have to think about how to pair things up. The displays areas are color co-ordinated.  cc4

Charming Carlie’s was created by Charlie Chanaratsopon, a Texas native with a yen for selling. His ideas are so good- that Charming Charlie’s has 360 stores nationwide. Yep.


The clothes are traditional feminine in bright colors. There’s even a plush waiting area near the dressing room equipped with stacks of art books.


Need some patriotic color for the 4th? They got you, boo.


I kind of liked this cascade of pearls, and I even have an LBD that they would look lovely with. But, to be honest I was just floored by how they could fill two floors of prime Manhattan real estate with so much stuff. It was overwhelming.

Anyway, looks like America has an answer to all the foreign fast fashion brands that make a profit here: Charming Charlie’s.

Next up: we review the Samsung GearFit

xoxo, Faith/Sassy Ethnic Bohemian


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