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The Meetup Adventure: in which we go to the Cooper-Hewitt for the poster show


This has been a big year for me an museums. My first OK Cupid date was at the Met, and then I joined this meetup group.


I was pretty excited to go to the Cooper-Hewitt. I haven’t been there since I attended the Van Cleef and Arpels retrospective show. It was rainy and grey, so I dipped into the closet and decided on a plaid dress with my polka dot Desigual jacket. I threw in some rugged details with my Cat Footwear Corinne boots, Southern Tide brown shackle belt ($65) and Jade & Jasper Crystal Skull necklace with tiny, spikey earrings. My umbrellawas broken, so I just added my bucket hat.

Ready for anything.


I love this museum. It’s so pretty! Everytime I go I imaging clearing out all of the museum stuff and turning it back into a mansion. The Cooper Hewitt used to be the home of Andrew Carnegie, who lived there with his wife and daughter.


I love the details here. The gilded embellishments on the walls and the marquetry ceiling. I feel like I’d be a way better person if I had a ceiling like this. My thoughts would be deeper since I’d have a better inspiration than plain white plaster.


Ok, back to the subject at hand. How Posters Work centers around the way that graphic designers communicate with us. Photography is one thing, but to create an effective design, you need to work with the elements of image, type, texture… The Cooper-Hewitt has collected an array of examples posters that illustrate ideas about film, art, and fashion. wmu5

A particular favorite of mine was this poster advertising The Stepford Wives. A terrifying film that explores the idea that the only perfect wife is a robot. This poster, with it’s pop-art colors and newsprint look, effectively scares you to pieces (so to speak). It calls to mind greco-roman statuary relics think Venus de Milo. Katharine Ross’s empty start is riveting. wmu7

If you need a break from posters, there’s lots more to see. Sprinkled around are little rooms with African Art, miniatures, and paintings. wmu8

How exquisite is this model staircase? wmu91

And compare it to the museum’s new staircase with it’s stark, industrial space station feel. The light is like a Dan Flavin installation, a pure rod of sinister fluorescence. wmu92

I loved the array of things. things on display, and in the museum’s shop, things for sale. Things that have no meaning when it comes to survival, but accrue meaning through our desire as consumers. Every object fulfills our sense of ourselves as discrening people with great taste.  wmu93

Mondane things elevated. I am so in love with this silver turtle. The other objects are the perfect bike and a spool chair. The kinds of things that you need a ton of space to show off, because you’ll want to back up and look at your purchase when no-one’s around.  wmu94

The garden is still under construction, but it’s something to look forward to. I loved the curving window sill, big enough for a seat.

Next up: we review Glass Chin

xoxo, Faith/Sassy Ethnic Bohemian


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