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Photoshoot: The Summer Swim Shoot with Originally Remixed is here!

I love how some people just supercharge everything they do without breaking a sweat. Alissa Nichole of Originally Mixed came over this past weekend and in between sipping iced coffee and nibbling home-made cookies, she managed to do a chameleon-like change of characters and eras with no stress.

I’m impressed.

The premise of the shoot was to show how you can create imaginative athleisure looks that would pass muster on the fashionable streets of New York. I knew Alissa had style (you can see it on her blog) but I didn’t know that I had a full on Carrie situation on my hands.

Carrie in color:

or7When we put this fuschia and navy bandeau top from Mirame ($89) with this adorbs navy tulle skirt from Alissa’s collection, it didn’t get it right away. When she added the floral print single soled Ami Clubwear pumps and the Jade & Jasper Festive Harmony necklace ($118), I thought ‘so cute!’ but I was still clueless. Then she put on this curly lace front wig (she told me it was $20!) and I kept trying to remember who she looked like and then it hit me and I was like…whoa. Quirky, flirty, individualistic, and a cool color-drenched take on that famous tutu outfit.


To go with the color in the outfit, I lined Alissa’s lashline with Makeup Forever’s Aquamatic waterproof glide-on eyeshadow in Iridescent Electric Blue ($22) and put some MUF HD Blush Second Skin Cream Blush in raspberry ($26). Ladylike embellishment came from the gold-tone chainlink Lisa Hoffman Beauty fragrance bracelet ($55) and the Jade & Jasper Radiance Duo ring ($28)

Retro pattern mixup:


It’s not a blogger shoot until someone mixes a pattern. The thought behind this gingham check Southern Tide button down men’s shirt ($99.50) pairing up with this blue floral Ami Clubwear high-waisted two piece was that gingham and high-waisted bathing suits are so reminiscent of the innocent 50’s. Alissa is basically doing blonde bombshell, but the 2015 version which is stronger than strong. The gold LL Bean 3/4 Signature leather ($34.99) belt goes with here white and gold Essie manicure and the gold Chinese Laundry sandals she styled herself with.


Have you ever seen anyone out-beyonce Beyonce? Well, now you have.

Alissa threw on a shiny pink turban and extended her super long legs and it was like instant goddess. She picked up the colors in the outwith with a Brazilian Begonia fragrance bracelet ($65) along with a Vibrant Tuscan Fig bracelet from Lisa Hoffman Beauty ($65) and a sparkly geo square bracelet from Jade & Jasper ($48). I softened down the blue from the last look and added a veil of Makeup Forever Aquamatic ME-80 Metallic Pink ($22). Since her eyes are so vivid, her mouth is underdone with Rodial Glamstick in Thrill with a touch of softer plum/pink Origins Drink Up Lip Sugars gloss.

Festival faerie: 


So this is what it’s like at about 3 am at Coachella… Alissa grabbed this cutout metallic Mirame Arlete monokini ($159) and paired it with a sweet patterned ruffled skirt thing from her collection (indescribable- and she got it at some random place so it’s also uncopyable!).

Instant- who are you? Ugh. And it took seconds.

The blonde wavy wig from the blonde bombshell look was turned into a festival worthy lob by sliding on this Chloe & Isabel Crystal Strand statement headband ($58). This baroque Glorious Goddess bracelet from Jade & Jasper ($48) has a little 80s thing to me and Jasmine wedge heels from Ami Clubwear are the summer accessory that will take you from concert to dinner to…well, the bathroom at the hotel.


I added the the Makeup Forever Iridescent Electric Blue eyeshadow, but as lipstick.

Grunge yoga:


So you wake up and have to go to yoga NOW, but you also have errands to run? No problem! Alissa went totally badass grunge and threw a red plaid shirt and jorts over her PRISMSPORT yoga gear. I mean…

No words.


Blonde ringlets and delicate gold hoops have a sort of 90s naturalists vibe, but the python print sportbra (with tangerine band and charcoal trim) ($52) and python print capris with charcoal waist ($82) are totally 2015. PRISMSPORT pieces are specially designed to accomodate the ‘gym to life balance’ that we all juggle these days, so your workout gear  can be just as distinctive as you are- and work well with jorts.

I added a flash tattoo from the Dash of Flash Arya tat set ($25) , a sort of moon shape to keep the grungey/hippie thing going. The Crystal Skull necklace from Jade & Jasper ($32) is a little punk sass thrown in.

Cookie in the corner: 


I don’t really watch Empire, but I noticed that the Cookie character wears a lot of over the top stuff and a lot of leopard print. I showed Alissa the red strappy bikini top from Mirame and she immediately picked this leopardprint skirt from her collection to go with it.


This was actually the first look, so all the other makeup looks are tweaks on a this neutral base:

I prepped Alissa’s skin with Step 1 Skin Equalizer nourishing primer mixed with their Radiant Primer in peach and smoothed on with a Baby Blender  sponge from Urban Beauty United. I filled in her brows with the lighter powder from Kiss Products’s EZ Beautiful Brow Kit and then used the highlighter t accentuate the curve of her brow and her brow bone.

I used the NYC Color Long Island sands neutral color palette, sweeping a warm champagne brown over her lid and then using a bronze-y color in the crease. I traced the lashline with Aquamatics waterproof glide-on eyeshadow in Satiny Bronze. I used the Aquarouge waterproof lip color on her lips (FYI this stuff is like colored cement, so be advised- apply carefully!) and then swept Pro Bronze Fusion in Honey along her cheekbones, across the forehead and a little on her nose and chin. I wanted a 70s look, but nothing too crazy. I also felt that this was a great place to start, since I would be adding color later.

I used Perfekt Beauty body perfecting gel along with an Artis Fluenta Oval 10 brush to add a little sunkissed bronze sparkle to her exposed arms and decolletage.

Find out more about Alissa Nichole on her blog Originally Remixed, and stop by her Stoop Sale on 6/27 if you’re in Brooklyn!

xoxo, Faith/Sassy Ethnic Bohemian


4 thoughts on “Photoshoot: The Summer Swim Shoot with Originally Remixed is here!”

  1. she’s beautiful!! i love everything she’s wearing – so perfect for summer 🙂
    instagram: the_ch1ara

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