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in which we catch up on Lucky Community posts, talk about the StuffnStyle app, and dish some Lucky gossip

So, since Lucky changed over to Lucky Shops, they changed how people contribute (mostly, some people still do what they want). Now it’s a prompt about a particular style trend.

 Boyfriend jeans:Screenshot_2015-05-07-11-09-02

Luckily? I had those Ditto’s jeans from the Spring Transitional shoot, so I just put them on and went for it. You can see the actual Lucky Community post here.20150419_082000

There were a couple more prompts, but I was busy. I finally got time to post another one this Sunday:

White dress:


wd2I posted about this dress, which I loved 2 or 3 years ago and can’t find anywhere now. If I had the StuffnStyle app, which launched this week, I might actually be wearing it right now! My friend Hahn Nguyen (an ex-Rent The Runway engineer) launched dan app that lets women not only keep up with what’s in their wardrobe, but makes suggestions on how to look stylish for any occasion.

Read more about this darling dress, StuffnStyle, and my shoe and makeup picks for Summer 2015 here.


So after spreading the word that I had a new Lucky Community post, I find out some things. Like these:

Lucky Magazine to shutter print, scale back digital []

Lucky Magazine shuttering print edition []

Lucky staffers tell all [the Cut]

Basically (in case you don’t feel like clicking the links) they let a lot of people go because of a lack of fundage to keep the print edition going. The move to put bloggers in the front page obviously did more for the bloggers (who have since popped up on more covers and in more magazines) than it did for Lucky.

So we’ll see what happens. I grew my little brand on Lucky and I’m hoping things get better, but in our current economy mindless shopping just isn’t the move. People need substance along with fashion/style. If your sales are down, and your bleeding money- switching to e-commerce shops won’t help.

Anyway, we’ll see.

Next up: The Museum Mile meetup adventure (featuring bare  naked ladies on 5th Avenue)

xoxo, Faith/Sassy Ethnic Bohemian


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