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in which we go tearing off to the #DenTekOnGuard pool party and wear our Ami Clubwear wedge-heeled sandals to great affect

This was the big one- not just an invitation? BUT AN INVITATION WITH CAR SERVICE.

I’ve been waiting for this my whole life. dentek  I was randomly going through the email box, as is my habit, looking for things to write about and LO! I was invited to a special pool party given by DenTek (great timing since we just talked about going to the dentist, right?) to celebrate the launch of some great new oral care products. Right there on the invitation it said *car service provided. What? Dying.

Technically I had plans. Technically I was busy. But car service? I’ve heard of this happening to other bloggers. I decided to re-arrange my whole schedule and get the car service experience because you never know.

 Hair: dentek1

I got the invitation around one, RSVP’d and got confirmed and then realized that I had to get sassified in a hurry. I rubbed a dab of  Cantu Beauty’s Coconut Curling Cream through my hair and then decided to use ORS Edge Control Gel ($5.95) to smooth my hair around the perimeter and to add a deep side part so it would look like a style. Trying to channel my style icon Lupita.

I do practice smiling. That used to be a private thing, but oh well.

Makeup & manicure: 


Luckily I had already showered and moisturized with Kat Burki Tuberose body creme ($52), so all I had to do was lightly spray myself with Kat Burki Tuberose eau de tioilette ($103.50). I decided to go for a basic neutral color palette spiked with a red lip because a red lip makes you look dressed up. It’s also fast.

After blending in a layer of Makeup Forever Hydrating Primer ($36) mixed with Perfekt Beauty Skin Perfection Gel ($48) I used Susan Posnick ColorCorrect ($22) to even out color on my eyelids and diminish my undereye puffs. Basic brown eyeshadow with a touch of shimmery highlight on the browbone, and then I filled in my brows (a new addiction) with the Kiss Ever EZ Beautiful Brow Kit ($7.99). I just got Tweezerman’s Brow Mousse ($10), so I used that as my final step to keep those brows on ‘fleek’. I patted Tata Harper Voluminizing Lip & Cheek Tint in Very Naughty ($35) on my cheeks, then brushed a little Laura Geller Beauty bronzer on my cheeks, along my jaw line and on my forehead for a an inner glow type of thing.

The mouth is Makeup Forever Aqualips pencil in 8C ($19) and then I applied Kat von D’s scandalous matte Underage Red ($21) and spread a little Rozge Barcelona lip gloss ($25) on top for shine.

In a hurry? My fall back plan is always Probelle Beauty nail polish. It dries so quickly that it’s insane. This time I did an accent nail in Feeling Sexy red ($6), then did all the other nails in Richness ($6) and tipped them with Feeling Sexy. Then I painted the red parts with butterLONDON glitter overcoat in Anorak. Instant punk rock nail art.



I kept it simple. I wasn’t into any of my dresses right that second, so I went with jeans and a tshirt- just on a higher level. I went with my Citizen Ciao Victoria Bay tshirt ($28), Dittos brand jeans that I hand painted (priceless now) and since I wasn’t running to the subway- I went for the Ami Clubwear faux leather wedge heel sandals in Jasmine. Maximum height with a sweet ankle buckle and tassel of fringe on the side.


FOR ONCE, a person gets to wear the shoes she intended- and loves it to death.



I went with my Shop Jacqueline Rose Au Naturale clutch ($45), and one wrist showcased the Jade & Jasper Delicate Spear cuff ($32)and the other was wrapped in the Glorious Goddess bracelet ($48). I finished with the ubercool Crystal Skull necklace ($32) and the baroque Embellished Lourdes brooch ($48) and the Radiant Duo ring ($28). That was enough right? It looked cool in the car, anyway.



This was the scene at the rooftop pool at Sixty LES– more tooth floss than you could shake a stick at. DenTek does not play.


I was really tempted to ask for a few of these tooth bowls for my bathroom. How could you forget to use your floss and interdental brushes when they’re displayed so nicely?


It was like the cabana of your dreams with a long, cushy white bench adorned with navy blue and white DenTek pillows and towels. Pay special attention to the oral care fact posted on the wall….are you flossing like you should be?


I found my usual place- in the corner where you can survey everything and just drank it all in. Male models? Check. My super cute shoes? Check. And a pool filled with inflatable DenTek pool toys!!! Every so often a server would come by with a tray of goodies. It was a perfect summer afternoon.

Nice work if you can get it, right?


Once we’d all gotten settled in, there was a presentation to introduce us to some f the newest products in the DenTek lineup- like the Orabrush Tongue Cleaner. Dr. Laura Ruof spoke about the importance of proper oral care- like flossing and why you should use a tongue cleaner (makes that breath so much sweeter). Star nutritionist Kerry Gans spoke about the foods that you can eat to promote dental health (green leafy veggies and raw foods like apples are a plus), as well as drinking water, and taking in lots of vitamin c enriched foods (grapefruit anyone?).

I know dental care isn’t as glam as talking about fashion shows- but guess what? When you’re 90, the clothes will be long gone and you’ll still need those choppers in your mouth.

(but on a style tip? Check how Laura and Kerri are wearing wedges #summertrendalert)


On the way out DenTek gave each party goer a massive beach tote (in classic navy & white, natch) filled with dental care products. I’m still going through them! And they actually took me back home. I was booking it to the subway when I got a text from Groundlink that my car was outside. Oh, the luxury!

The moral of this story is? Fashion is cool, but blogging about your dental health can get you a limo ride.

Thank you.

Next up: The Summer Meetup Project!

xoxo, Faith/Sassy Ethnic Bohemian

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