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in which we finally take Jennifer Eve Eisner’s advice and look into re-organizing the closet


Remember back during NYFW when we met superstylist Jennifer Eve Eisner at the Tide Fashion Closet? In addition to her incredible advice about how to save on dry cleaning by giving everyone simple easy to follow directions on how to care for natural fibers. What stuck with me was how excited she was about talking about how garment care affects the different fibres. She glowed with fashion happiness while she answered questions.

How could I not trust her?


I actually followed JEE‘s advice on how to care for my favorite wool sweater. Instead of throwing it in the dryer and wondering why it was turning into a child sized item, I followed the proper procedures and let it dry flat on a towel.

 Closet reorganization tips:jee3

Jennifer’s other passion was for Closet Reorganization, and she had some great tips:

1. Go through your wardrobe and reject anything damaged.

2. If you bypass the same item three times, give it away.

3. Put like with like, especially outerwear to protect other clothing from germs and odors.

4. Put shoe rack on the bottom of the closet to maximize stoare space.

5. Use felt lined slim hangers. If you use clips, puta little foam under the clip to protect your clothing item

This prompted a trip to the Container Store to explore my options.  Basically, the fet lined hangers are super easy to find, and you can find hanger strips for 24/$1.99. They also had felt strips that you could put on a plastic hanger to grip the shoulders of slippery garments.


If you’re looking for things to keep your shoes in… they have EVERYTHING. Shoe boxes, and some of them have a special front so that you can take your shoes out without having to mess up your box stack! Then there are the shoe curtains and shoe racks. jee5

There is a Carrie shoe stack for $29.99, that is basically three tiers of shoe storage- and would slide handily into a closet as Jennifer Eve Eisner suggested.  This 3-drawer shoe cabinet left me speechless. jee6

And you can use all of these items to maintain the shape of your shoes, keep your tall boots upright and to help with odor.

 More, more, more: jee7

I’m still working on my apartment, so I kept wandering the aisles finding everything I needed and more. Do I really need scented drawer liners? I probably do. And the cedar stuff, because I just don’t think that moth holes are acceptable. jee8

I was thinking about getting a few of these colorful bins for that bathroom beauty bar diy project, because once I finish that project, the drawers will have to be organized. Then I could co-ordinate like orange for lipsticks aor yellow for body lotions (tub sized). I looked at this scarf organizer, too. Right now I hang necklaces and scarves on the closet doors.  jee9

More stuff that I feel I may need. I probably need. Well I definitely need the toilet bowl brush.

More storage options:


Of course, once I latch on to an idea I can’t stop, so when I left I peusefd the Ikea website as I walked to the train station. I am 55% sure that I need a bookcase, and these have the perfect price points. And who wouldn’t want a cute little footstool that you can keep your stuff in?

Next up: The International Fahion Interest Group Meetup


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