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in which we go to Aveda and then run over to Whole Foods for Zevia, #TheNewSweet for summer

So one day, all my errands pointed to a trip to the city. I had a card from the Beauty & Balance event inviting me to drop by an Aveda store for samples and I also had some coupons to pick up Zevia soda.  aveda

Funnily enough? I’ve never ben to an Aveda store. I just really never had the need so… I think the last time I bought something from them it was at a department store counter. I figured, now that I actually get stuff from the Aveda company, I owed it to myself to check out the normal customer experience. This location is at 5th Avenue and 19th Street- I’ve passed it a million times.


First off, it smelled really nice in there. I loved the displays- wooden tables everywhere, and in the front was a hairstyling station, so I guess you can get hair done or have products demo’d for you, like the Thickening Tonic Styling Spray that’s supposed to plump your hair out when you use a blowdryer.


There was a makeup station with all new samples from the Rare Bloom summer makeup collection. You can just hang out and play with the samples- or just ask and someone will help you look pretty. I also saw a facial station, so I guess you can just come in and relax and someone will put nice stuff on your face.


It’s actually a really nice place, and everything is arranged in such a way to make you feel good about your choice to come in and shop. Remember these Light the Way candles from Earth Month? Here it is live, in person, and all proceeds from it’s als go to support charities that look for water in impoverished regions.


A salesperson came over and asked if I needed help, so I just showed her the card. At this point confusion set in, because I have a lot of full sized Aveda products so it was really hard for me to decide on something to sample in regular customer size. I ended up getting the Stress-fix cleansing oil and body lotion in these teeny weeny little tiny sample jars. So cute. So small, but really cute.

So small. Wow.


After that, I ran over to Whole Foods on 14th to redeem my Zevia soda coupons. I had felt bad for the girl at Aveda for only having teeny weeny tiny things to give away, so I gave her one of my full-size soda coupons. I figured that would make it up to her.

Don’t you love these infused waters? I am totally copying this.


I went downstairs and found the Zevia (it’s an all natural soda sweetened with Stevia. I got a can at the Simply Stylist event and loved it enough to give them a shoutout on twitter, which led to me emailing with them- which led to them remembering me for their summer campaign. Try gratitude- it works), which happened to be on sale. I was lucky to get any at all!

I snagged the Cream Soda and Ginger Root Beer flavors and then hit the nightmare that is checking out at Whole Foods. I paid the deposit and the soda, all 12 cans were mine…


After those teeny weeny tiny skincare samples, I was thirsty- so the first thing I did was rip open a can and swig it down right there outside of Whole Foods. So yum.

Next up: I am totally not sure, but I should have something ready tomorrow afternoon!

xoxo, Faith

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