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Dating Diary: in which we get an incredible email regarding why men suck at online dating

So, as we all know- my email box is like the magic garden or something where you open it and invitations or free stuff jumps out. I also get emails from church asking why I haven’t been- but that’s a whole other blog post.

Yes, God has my email address.

ANYhoo- this particular email was right on time as I am about to take my little show on the road and avail myself of as many singles summer activities as possible. Why? Because online dating is weird. And this email proves it. Read on…


[LeeAnneHomsey] Are You a Guy and Online Dating Isn’t Working? Here’s Why.

(by Irene via

If you’ve had minimal luck with online dating, you’re not the only one. In fact, according to recent studies, statistics show that OkCupid and Tinder are specifically hurting men’s chances. If you’ve been dating online with little success, then it’s time to take a break for a few months. Here are 3 resounding reasons why:

1. Online dating is affecting your offline life: Men are guilty of letting online dating affect their offline social life. You’re not getting the attention you want because you focus too much on online dating and are missing out on opportunities offline.

Online dating gives you the illusion that things are happening in your dating life, while it often just interrupts your day with fake promises, playing up on our human curiosity, without really delivering any benefit. But it’s also affecting your social life.

Here is what we found: because of online dating, you are more likely to do less. Less going out, less meeting, less chance to meet and socialize. Guess what? You just wasted 6 months of your life with no real benefit to your dating life. Why not let a dating coach assist you.

2. You are missing out on meeting in person: You should be flirting, joking, interacting and you are not doing any of that! Just swiping or typing, the less effort you put in, the less you will get out of it. It’s a simple rule of life, you get what you put in. Expecting to get your dream girl with no effort is not realistic. If I told you, you could have any job and salary you wanted just by asking for it, would you believe me? Well online dating sites expect you to believe them that with no effort you can get everything you want in your dating life.

3. People are jaded: Go on enough bad dates from online dating and you’ll find yourself saying things to your friends like “I have a date tonight but I don’t even care because they’ll probably look nothing like their pictures” It’s unfortunate because along may come an amazing woman, but after all of your recent bad dates, you’ll be more apt to cancel with someone new (or they with you) over things like “it’s too hot out” or “I’d rather just hang out with my friends tonight” based purely on your past experiences.

Homework: Take a break from online dating. Make it a point to talk to more people in public or when the situation presents itself. Not sure where to start? Get a dating coach. It’s just like having a gym trainer, keeping you on track and getting you results, just in your dating life. Here are a team of dating pros who can help you.

Jump start your dating life.

Let’s Go!

I just had to share.


4 thoughts on “Dating Diary: in which we get an incredible email regarding why men suck at online dating”

  1. I think the idea that online dating is just “easy” is crap. Meeting a total stranger in hopes that you’ll have chemistry of any kind is terrifying.

    1. then try it in person. seriously. try looking someone IN THE EYE and flirting, or just listening to their hopes for the future or what their favorite meal is. it’s way better and you know right away if you want to keep going or stop.

      xoxo, faith

      1. It’s rare that I’ve ever met someone who ONLY dates online. Most people do both.

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