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Fashion: transitioning from Spring to Summer in 4 dresses and a romper (photoshoot)

So after the Spring Style shoot last month, I still had a lot of style territory to explore. namely? The way dresses make your life super easy when warm weather and cold offices collide. I had had 4 awesome dresses (and one romper) that had my styling juices flowing, so of course- photoshoot! This time I’m working with Americana Models so that I can deliver top-notch images for you guys. Big yay and smoothies all around! Yesterday a sweet model named Aline, fresh from Belgium, came over to hang out and play dress up so we can see how the dresses can really work in your wardrobe. Ready? Let’s get started… Maxi Dress: maxi3 I was on the verge of giving this away, but luckily I held on to it. I got this maxi dress from Eric + Lani over the winter, and while I’m too short for it, that doesn’t mean it’s not worth something. This is such a simple, fun piece! I layered with a peachy orange Bobi Los Angeles cowl neck tank top ($45) and my fave discount store denim shirt (I’ve had it since 2012). I used my yellow LL Bean Signature 3/4 leather belt ($39) to accentuate the waist and keep the outfit from looking too casual. I liked the idea of doing a calf length leather boot (there are by a brand called Fernando. I got them in 2010, on sale from Nordstrom, only $300!). I added a few random necklaces that I have around the house, because you need a few think delicate ones for this look. maximakeup Summer is that time where your makeup should be simple. There is no point in burying your natural skin under layers and layers of foundation, powder etc. That will only result in pimples. For Aline, I pulled out the Makeup Forever Equalizer primers in Smoothing ($36) and Hydration ($36) formulas. I mixed them together in my palm and then smoothed them onto her skin with an Urban Beauty United blender baby sponge. For eyes I used the Xtreme Lashes Glideliner Long lasting Eye pencil in Rose Gold/Truffle. The Rose Gold was the eyeshadow that lightened up her lids, and the Truffle was the accent color in the crease to accentuate the shape of her eyes.

The Rose Gold was the eyeshadow that lightened up her lids, and the Truffle was the accent color in the crease to accentuate the shape of her eyes. I touched her lashes with Origins Gin-Zing Brightening Mascara ($18.50) and ran a little Tightline mascara primer ($24)over her brows. Blush was one figure 8 sweep of M.A.C. Sheertone Powder Blush in Sincere ($22) using the Urban Beauty United Screen Preen powder brush. Origins Drink Up Hydrating Lip Gloss ($17) added a touch of color and shine to the lips. maxi1a here’s the maxi just chillin in the house on a hot summer day. Aline and I both love to read, and somehow a book naturally found it’s way into her hands. I mean it was like…magic. maxi2 And here’s Aline giving me Karli Kloss and scandalizing my hallway. Love it. We added a snakeskin hobo bag from Kensie Clothing, my Lisa Hoffman beauty fragrance bracelet from the Vibrant Collection in Tunisian Fig ($65), and my fave Gold Oxfords from Ami Clothing. This is a super summer look- easy, free and creative…kinda like the model. The Romper: 20150511_081452 Everybody gotta get a romper- that is imperative. This fuschia boho print romper from Ami Clubwear has a halter tie that you can tuck into the top, and it blouses at the waist. I added an Eric + Lani tshirt and the Southern Tide Summer Cardi ($99) and classic leather belt ($65) to pump it up a couple of notches- good for a casual Friday in a really laid back work environment, or for going to class. Throw on these easy to wear Cat Footwear Squander boots ($140) and you are out the door. romper1 Here’s the romper in chill mode… romper2 I loved Aline’s big curly bob. the braided just accentuates the natural curl in her hair. I used  Herbal Essences Naked Dry Shampoo ($6.29) because I was out of hairspray and I heard that this works really well on straighter hair textures. I guess it works, because this hairstyle survived ten outfit changes…Then I smoothed a little #mixitsoft Indie Hair Hair Polish on the edges of the style because a little shine highlights healthy hair and looks nice around your face. It draws eyes better than outrageous color. romper3 The finished look can go from campus job to hanging out at the cafe and you can always go home, take all the layers off and add heels to go dancing. For day, this distressed floral print Life is good co knapsack does the trick splendidly. These are Aline’s own black canvas shoes, versatile and comfy for summer. Pleated Skirt: 20150511_075915 My idea for this Etienne Aigner dress with drop waist and pleated skirt (so 20s) was to play with both monochrome dressing, and high contrast color. I layered my beloved LL bean Freeport Field jacket over the dress, then added some funky necklaces, a rasberry beanie, and these single sole floral print open toe pumps from Ami Clubwear. I had that Desigual paper clutch left over from Fashion Week. ea1 Here’s Aline looking Dega’s ballerina statue (she studied ballet as a child, which of course adds to value as a model)… ea2 And here’s how effortlessly easy summer style can be. The two greens look great together, and the jacket roughes up a pretty dress. We substituted these gold and coral booties from Ami Clubwear, which add nothing but sizzle. A crossbody mini-stag bag from Etienne Aigner ($365) is all you need. Adventurous and sexy- perfect. Striped fit and flare: stripe3 As soon as I saw this dress, I was in love. Like, I would pay real money for this because it’s a classic piece from an incredible brand. The Signature Striped Poplin Dress ($119) is THE perfect dress. And it has pockets. I kept it classic with a white button down shirt, silver and bead necklace, and black belt and shoes. I added fake glasses because it just felt right. stripe1 Remember that Thumbs Up UK Moonlight remote control pillow? It’s the perfect thing to rest on while enjoying some lit by the window in a super pretty fit and flare dress. I actually do sit here and read, so it was nice that Aline loved my little book nook as much as I do. stripe2 I added this two tone Speedy Stachel from Kensie Clothing (currently $53.96 at for punch. This is a don’t mess with me outfit- but really sweet with it. You could get away with a lot dressed like this. stripedance I had to put these in- Aline just started twirling up on the roofdeck! She said that she loves this type of dress because it lets her move and kick (yes, she did a high kick. I laughed so hard!). The Cat Footwear Irenea boot ($120) was a better fit for her style and kept her effortlessly mobile. I know lots of people don’t like models, but that’s insecurity. I love these images because it shows her realness and love for life. Metallic: gold2 Gold isn’t just for holiday dressing! This is such a sweet little retro style dress from Kensie Clothing is just as adorable when you rock it as a skirt for a more conservative ensemble. The silky navy blazer is just businessy enough to make an untucked white button down look official. Throw on a bright scarf to ward off ‘office chill’. Unlaced black oxfords in black leather are both no nonsense, and luxe comfy. gold1 Yep, we’re beating that dead horse! I think Aline was looking at Bonjour Tristesse by Francoise sagan – which I bought for 48 cents at Strand Bookstore. But The lighting was lovely to me- this looks like an old fashioned magazine illustration or a painting. gold3 All we added was this caramel colored faux leather lock tote from Ami Clubwear– big enough for you to stuff your layers and a store pair of party shoes in for after work. that’s it! % easy looks in 4 dresses and a romper for Spring to Summer 2015. And I shot the whole thing on my Samsung Galaxy S5 Active cameraphone– which I’ll be reviewing this week. Inspo Deets, and the goodie bag: Of course, no photo shoot can happen without some research- especially mine. These are the things that I saw on twitter and instagram that inspired me:

This was what was in my mind the whole time- color, bags, shoes…and everywhere I go I’m looking and trying to see what’s going to work. Then there are off topic things like the instagram Hot Dudes Reading that inspired me. While people equate New York with sidewalks and subways, reading is a fundamental part of the city as well. New York attracts some of the smartest people in the world, and we need constant  streams of info to spark our imaginations. Wanna impress a new Yorker? Read. 3. goodie bag So, as usual, there was a goodie bag. I don’t like working for free and if I can repay someone for giving me their time, then I will. I happened to have this adorable tote with a copy of the 15th Anniversary issue of Real Simple magazine from the Real Simple Lifestylers Beauty & Balance event and an extra copy of their book, The Real Simple Guide to Real Life (Adulthood made Easy). Aline is just 21, so I figured that all of the advice in this book will come in handy for her. And she left her mom back home in Belgium, so these Pink Olive ‘you are loved’ stickers ($6) may come in handy for letter writing. I also tucked in a can of delicious zero calories, stevia sweetened Zevia soda for her train ride back to the city (and a dozen SEB bakery chocolate chip cookies– because why not? Models love cookies and I love baking). Next up: Artis Brush launch at Bergdorf Goodman xoxo, Faith/Sassy Ethnic Bohemian


3 thoughts on “Fashion: transitioning from Spring to Summer in 4 dresses and a romper (photoshoot)”

  1. Great looks! Dresses definitely make the life easier, especially during the summer. I love those gold and coral heels, they’re gorgeous!

    xo, jackie

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