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the Spring Style Photoshoot #behindthescenes lowdown (drama as usual)

So it seems that I can’t manage to plan anything without there being some kind of drama. I go along all right for awhile then, BAM!, it’s right there.

Take my Spring Style Shoot… an easy task, nothing incredible. Should have been a breeze! But of course not because why should anything be easy?

20150418_075659 20150418_081944 20150418_131951

I woke up feeling stuff from the Pure Barre workout at the RS Lifestylers Beauty & Balance Event, but my skin looked awesome and my hair felt deliciously alive. Also? I got these Pure Barre grey Gemini capri tights in my goodie bag, so I had something new to go walking in. I managed to walk over to McDonald’s and get some coffee while I glommed off their wi-fi, then came home and made myself a berry/banana smoothie with a packet of Aloha Good Greens Chocolate Blend powder. So good. It took some of the draggy feeling away.


I made sure to set everything out so that when my model arrived I could get straight to work. I’ve been getting deliveries since December so I had a lot of makeup and skincare products to work with. I even had a fresh set of brushes from Urban Beauty United, an InstaWave automatic curler from Kiss Products and Show Beauty Thermal Protect Spray ($55) to go with it.


I went through all the clothes and eventually managed to get everything laid out in an orderly fashion: tops, pants, jackets, sweaters, shoes, bags, etc.


These were some key pieces that I pulled fro the shoot: a men’s gingham sports shirt in Yacht Blue from Southern Tide, this striped poplin fit and flare dress from LL Bean Signature ($119), and this most awesome boho print romper from Ami Clubwear. Clothes? We got clothes fa days.

diy painted jeans

I got the idea to painting my Dittos Brand distressed Charli boyfriend jeans after seeing a photo of these floral jeans on twitter. I had bought some fabric paint before Easter and In about ten minutes I had what I wanted- a pair of paint splattered, customized jeans for my shoot.

goodie bag

I also packed a goodie bag for her filled with beauty products (including the InstaWave & Urban Beauty United brush set) a bottle of Tommy Bahama Island Life for her perfume ($60), My Indie Hair #mixitsoft hair polish samples from Aveda and Bumble & bumble, an UME Drive Vintage USB storrage bracelet ($24.99), a Rumbatime Chelsea Clutch ($20) and this maxidress from Eric & Lani.  I was pretty much ready for anything, at least I thought so.

When my model, Rita,, she had her sick little boy in tow, so I settled him on my bed wrapped in my cotton comforter from Southern Tide. I was just praying he wouldn’t puke or pee on it. She turned out to have a lot of pimples, across the forehead and on both cheeks, which I found out when I started styling her hair. I wasn’t crazy about that, but whatever.

I will shoot people regardless of what they look like when they show up because I do too much prep to call it off. The person would have to be covered in blood and disfigured, and even then- I’d prob try to clean them up and get them through the shoot anyway. And? I had beauty products at my disposal.

skincare makeup

I started with cleansing her skin with a CLEANSE wipe from my Lauren Napier stash, then gave her a ten minute Origins GinZing facial. I wiped off the excess and then used Makeup Forever Step 1 Skin Equalizer Primer ($36) in Smoothing and Hydrating formulas. I didn’t see any point in trying to put foundation over pimples- they’re still gonna show, so why bother? But I applied some Jo Mousselini Skin Renewing Concealer ($36)on her eyelids and under her eyes, and blended that in with a flat foundation brush.

coachella test

This was the Coachella Boho look. She already had false eyelashes on, so I added Aveda petal essence single eye colors in ivory lotus (a light shimmery gold)  and winter lilac, then went over the lashline with Xtreme Lashes Glideliner Long Lasting Eyepencil in Xtreme Black ($29) a long wearing, velvety black. I used Makeup Forever HD Blush in Raspberry ($26) to put a soft flush in her cheeks. I lined her lips with Makeup Forever Aqua Lip Waterproof Lip Liner in Baby Pink ($19) and then applied Boots No. 7 High Shine Lip Crayon in Delicate Pink ($9.99).
bts wig

The shoot went on, and in spite of one massive glaring HUGE problem? I kept it light and upbeat, changing outfits and making sure we stayed on a schedule of sorts. The big head of blonde hair turned out to be a wig (which actually had hidden the acne) and although her real hair was unwashed, it was still versatile enough to work into a few styles. I actually liked it better than the wig.

*Models should never show up for a casting or photo shoot with fake hair or overly made up. If you are a model, make sure you have clean skin and hair, which can be drawn up in a ponytail with minimal product. Wear something that is comfortable that you can take off easily- think Off Duty Model Streetstyle.

asshole thief

When Rita asked if she could bring her kid at the last minute- well, what was I going to say? While I wished that she had told me beforehand so that I could plan, it was no big deal. But then she announced that her friend, a photographer was downstairs. Yes- she actually went ahead and invited some man over to my home without checking with me first. Luckily, I have a security desk downstairs- but in NY you don’t do that. It makes you look extremely shady.

So he comes in and starts unpacking like he was invited. I didn’t bother complaining, because if anything his id was on record downstairs so if I had to call the cops it would be easy to trace him and her. Turns out he’s some amateur with a camera who hooked up with her via instagram or something. Faaaaaabuloussss.

He decided that he was going to appoint himself the behind the scenes photographer. I keep working because regardless- it’s my shoot, not his and I can deal with them after I get my shots. What got me, was that he actually had the nerve to post heinously over-edited images to his instagram, making it seem as if HE were the one holding the shoot and I was just the stylist. NERVE. I made him take them down.

Why do we not have gender equality? Because people like Rita Monroe, instead of trusting me- brings some man up in MY house, to pretend that the shoot that I planned and was the stylist/makeup artist/hairstylist/wardrobe stylist/photographer/art director and creative director for was his. And she didn’t even have the manners to ask if it was ok with me if he came over, because who cares if it’s my home?

And I STILL have to more clothes to shoot because goofy MR. photographer kept talking and talking and pulling focus. I was doing 7 jobs and he was only doing one and not even that well. We will never have gender Equality in any profession if women undermine each other.

Sigh. It never fails.

Next up: The Fragrance roundup (kind of in time for Mother’s Day)

xoxo, Faith/Sassy Ethnic Bohemian


2 thoughts on “the Spring Style Photoshoot #behindthescenes lowdown (drama as usual)”

  1. Jeesuz! I didn’t even think spelling his name correctly would give enough effect! (I pray you didn’t still give her the gift bag because I don’t think all that trouble was worth it.) I’m paranoid as hell about having strangers around, let alone in my home. So I know the issue! Hope it works out better next time! 😦

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