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in which i just talk about stuff that happened in march and april #seinfeldianpost

I feel like there’s been too much excitement around here. Interviews, and events, and deliveries… I don’t want anyone to get the wrong idea. I’m just as boring as I ever was. Maybe even more!

Basically- I don’t want this to ba a ‘fashion’ blog, but a ‘stuff i like and do’ journal. Know what I mean? So while there are some exciting things coming up,. I feel like we need to get reaquainted with the more boring aspects of life.

 Walking in the street:street

This is stuff that I saw while walking in the street in Brooklyn. The 711 sign was the catalyst for heartbreak- as I ran in there and attempted to purchase the $2 deal only to find that I had grabbed a SUPER Big Gulp cup and disqualified myself. Total loss? $2, and I had a tummy ache later.


I really like this sign.

 Products, products, products:products

Here is a secret: I have a lot of products in my house. Sometimes? I collect them and photograph them and post a roundup. This was the skincare roundup. I like to take pics like this to show that I work really hard on my blog.  Then I go play with the products and generally spend a lot of time hanging out in the bathroom pampering myself.

Just so you know, I really and truly do use the stuff that people send me, like this Calgon Parisian Charm bodywash which powered a great many bubble baths before it was finished. I kind of want to get some more.


These got me through the winter. Especially that Karelen Sultry Black Castor Oil hand & body cream, which left my skin moisturized and gleaming. It’s like $5.99… febmrchgiveawaysI gave some stuff away, even though I didn’t talk about it. I gave one person these false eyelashes in February, and someone else got this Clarity MD acne treatment kit and my last tube of Bullet Acne Aid.

Why not, right? They asked, I gave, done deal.



It snowed…in March. Of course I refused to go outside, and ended up Vitamin D deficient which is not life threatening exactly, but I have to take a pill a week and go outside for 15 mins a day now.

Who knew?

I spent a lot of time hanging out in the house listening to music on my Samsung S5 Active. I’ve been using this Stylinity Selfie Stage to hang the phone off of- it’s got a suction cup and a little kickstand.


I had a massive fight with the post office because not only have packages not been showing up; once they actually delivered an empty envelope wrapped in a plastic bag that said ‘We’re Sorry’. They ripped open mail, and lost my Vistaprint business cards. I had to go online and complain vehemently.

But while the USPS didn’t bother to apologize, Vistaprint did. They actually re-sent the cards, a mere $5 order, and sent it UPS at no extra charge to me. That’s really stellar service.


I did some blogging and file organizing using my trusty Asus (which is getting glitchy, but I can’t let go) and the UME Drive bracelets they gave me. 8gb, equals color coordinated storage that I can wear if I need to. #nice


I put on a scarf and did some housecleaning. I didn’t really need the scarf? But I was bored. I did my laundry and washed my fave pink beanie and the seams unraveled on the top so I ended up with what could have been a scarf. I sewed it back up later on. About a month or so later. I mean, it was not the most urgent situation.


This was the beginning of the Spring Cleaning which has been going on for weeks. I started in March. technically I finished, but then I get more boxes or something gets dusty or the tub is dirty so then you’re right back where you started.



This was my Valentine’s Day backdrop from February. I decided that March was no longer time for lovey dovey hearts, so I decided to do a new backdrop.backdrop2

This is why I have a teacup full of crayons. I decided on flowers because even if there was snow on the ground, I knew that Spring would eventually come…toys in april

Then I bought this Easter Chick. He has a little solar panel in his shell and when you put him in the window he dances. He makes this cool ticking noise like a clock, too. I love my Easter Chicky. Then I found these weird toys in the street. They’re kind of ugly, but interesting. They made for a good snapchat photo. I don’t really sue snapchat that much? I just send random shots every so often.


These are some cookies I made for someone. They are Triple Coconut Drops- coconut flour, coconut sugar, and shredded coconut. I’m still working out different and new cookie recipes, but she ended up really liking them. I might add them to my Etsy later.


I baked some cookies to give away for my birthday month: Chocolate Chip and White Chocolate Chip with Candied Ginger.


So of course that was a project, too. Packing the cookies up, prepping the bags, and then running around dropping them off.


I decided on my big red Kensie Clothing cardigan, a Uniqlo silk and cotton shift dress,  my LL Bean True Shape jeans, and my brand new Cat Footwear Squander boots.  I threw on two Shop Jacqueline Rose necklaces, included the Aries necklace that she sent for my birthday. cokkiepuss4

I felt like an Aries Christmas Elf.


It got warm out- so I started walking in the park in the mornings. There’s a track a few blocks from my house, so conveniently located that I kick myself for not starting sooner.

the dead plant

Remember this plant? It’s dead now. I managed to kill an air plant.

That pretty much brings us up to date.

Next up: Real Simple Lifestylers Beauty & Balance event at the Andaz Hotel

xoxo, Faith/Sassy Ethnic Bohemian


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