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in which we FINALLY go out and walk in the sunshine (videos)

Remember back in January when I made that ex-boyfriend come over and take pics of me gearing up to lose weight for 2015? The first post was about assessing the situation and the second post was about getting started exercising and eating properly. park1 This was during all the snowstorm season so me and that guy walked over to the park. he just grumbled the whole way, but I figured, this was one time where a selfie wasn’t going to cut it. I had grabbed my SUPRA Cuttler sneakers ($75), and my origins Make A Difference rejuvenating hand treatment ($16) on the way out. walking1 After changing out of my LL Bean Lounger boots ($199), I did a quick stretch (I had to ask him how to do it), and then we went through some exercise scenarios. park7 In addition to just walking, he suggested running up and down the stairs in the bleacher area. park91 This was not easy, but it wasn’t the worst punishment that ever happened, either. I decided that as soon as it warmed up I’d hit the track. walking Here I am THREE MONTHS LATER. Today, April 11th was such a bright sunny day that I knew it was time. walking2 Three blocks away from my building is a nice little park with a running track. Not event three long blocks, either. I put on my sweats, grabbed my Samsung Galaxy S5 Active (it has a pedometer, not to mention all my music) and set out. walking4 This was a basic no brainer- walk around in a big circle, pump your arms, and set a comfortable pace so you don’t get winded too quickly. I admit to being dismayed when people passed me, but I held myself back from trying to run or jog, since I’ve never really been into that. walking3 This was the view from the track- the bleachers where my neighbors stretched, ran up the steps, and in one case did Tai Chi. It wasn’t crowded, but there was a healthy assortment of people from seniors, to single guys racing each other, to teens, to moms with little kids. One kid was jogging with his grandma. So different from being on a treadmill in the gym!!! Fresh air, sunshine, and my own personal tunes.


I took 3711 steps which equals 2 miles and burned 166 calories. I walked the first 1.8 miles, then ran the steps to make it to the 2 mile point. Then I stretched and walked home and grabbed a grapefruit out of the fridge to make fresh juice with. Done- and I felt really good. https://vimeo.com/124700954 exercise I messed up in February, but last month I started doing my exercises on the yoga mat again, and added a unique way of doing wight training without spending the cash for a weight system. I try to do 20 to 30 minutes every session mixing moves and working my whole body, especially arms, abs and legs, my trouble areas right now. https://vimeo.com/124700955 Hopefully you haven’t given up your weight loss resolution!!! Feel free to leave tips about exercises or recipes if you have any… Next up: everyday stuff like deliveries! deliveries! deliveries! xoxo, Faith/Sassy Ethnic Bohemian

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