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in which i return to Lucky via Lucky Shop campaign prompts

So back in February Lucky Community closed up shop, wiping everyone’s content to make way for a new concept and a new way of working. Now? We have Lucky Shops and all contributors can post to campaigns where you style with a central theme/idea in mind.

The first one that I participated in was Leather jackets for Spring and I almost didn’t make it. By the time I got my post together it was the last day of the deadline and I had three places to go so I posted something really quick and kept it moving. Needless to say my typos were horrendous and I forgot to hyperlink the items in my post. Bad blogger!!!

2015-03-07 19.05.26

This is my Leather & Whimsy post from March 11th. The idea was- how would you style with a leather jacket for ss2015? I decided to go with Durango Leather since I had just interlaced with them on Stylecaster’s #stylechat twitter event. I decided I wanted to do quirky/cute:

1. Leather motorcycle jacket with studded lapels: Durango Leather Company woman’s Demi Monde jacket, $360.99

2. Navy and red striped fit and flair dress with front pockets, LL Bean Signature poplin dress, $119

3. Sparkly statement necklace/headband, Chloe + Isabel Crystal Strand Statement Headband, $58

4. Convertible clutch/crossbody Shop Jacqueline Rose, Au Naturale clutch for Vitality, $45

5. Gold oxfords! Ami Clubwear gold lace tie-up oxfords, $6.49

This week they posted a prompt for Lucky contributors to play with pastels. I posted a collage called Pump Up Pastels With White & Brights, but Ill post the individual pics here on my blog. Ready? here we go!


Easy way to sneak in those pastels? Wear them on lips & nails!


2. Lips:
Accessories are a great way to spruce up without spending a ton. In fact? That hat was 1.99 and the scarf was actually free!
3. Accessories:
Straw hat with grosgrain ribbon band came from the discount store
Mint green infinity scarf, Lucky Mag subscription gift (thanks, guys!)
lucky fragrance
The best way to get pastels in your wardrobe? Pink perfume!
4. Fragrance:
Yes, it is OFFICIALLY tie to get those white shoes out. Since a pastel is basically a hue mixed with white to create a tint, white is always the best choice to go with them to avoid a matchy-matchy look.
5. Shoes:
White patent leather single sole sandal with silver and black leather straps by Etienne Aigner 
I am saving this romper to unleash when it gets hot. I loved the bold fuchsia color and boho print? And for out purposes here, the pastel pink and green/blue that can be picked out with accessories. I would add a mint green blazer or denim jacket or cardigan if the weather was chilly. I think that mint green creates a fun contrast to the fuchsia it’s kind of like using red/green- they complement each other, and just keep pink to nails and lips.
Throwing a white sleeveless structured top gives you a layer that you can remove if the day heats up.
6. Outfit:
Sleeveless crepe high-low top by Etienne Aigner

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